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Are you still social distancing with close families?

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Kaj29 Sat 20-Jun-20 15:34:29

Above says it all? Those you don’t live with..

Haven’t actually seen my family in 3 months now. Have been over to in laws but social distancing in garden so they can see grandchildren. They are cool with that as one of them is vulnerable (not shielding but vulnerable) is all happy to do this.

Thinking of going to see my family soon. I’m very happy to sit in the garden social distancing - not a hugger anyway 🤣 But my mum insists that social distancing isn’t important anymore as most families are meeting up like normal, going in each other’s houses etc.

Firstly, I don’t know who my family have socialised with and they probably haven’t social distanced from them. My dad and brother both work with the public. My mum has been socialising throughout.

Secondly, I’m trying to teach my son about social distancing before he goes back to school - he has asd and has been told about social distancing and I think he understands but putting things into practise really helps. Plus he will be confused if he has to social distance at school but not with family, easier to do it all around, he likes rules and regulations. The school have actually said that children can lose their place at school if they find out families aren’t obeying social distance guidelines.

Also, my mum is caring for elderly relatives so I’d much prefer to social distance from them just in case we were carrying it without knowing and spread it around.

Feel like it’s safer for everyone.


Yabu - social distancing isn’t happening with families.

YANBU - insist on social distancing.

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PregnantPorcupine Sat 20-Jun-20 15:38:28

We've met up but at a distance, in the park. Theoretically they could come to our garden and use our loo etc but we don't want to do that yet (nb I'm preggers, DP has health problems and parents are over 70, so all fairly vulnerable although not fully shielding).

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 20-Jun-20 15:39:50

I don’t have a big family, my aunt in her 70s came round and sat in our garden for the first time this week- walked through the house and probably a metre distance in the garden, no hugs/ kissing.
My sister, her partner and kids we started mixing with about 1 month ago as usual. My husbands 2 cousins have been round as they lost a grandma and needed support.

I know people who claim to social distance but especially with young children in the family they mix inevitably.

Theforest Sat 20-Jun-20 15:42:09

Go with your gut instinct. If you prefer to social distance, then tell them so.

We are still social distancing, as we dont know the impact of the lifting yet.

Laaalaaaa Sat 20-Jun-20 15:45:12

Yes and I will continue to do so for as long as Boris deems necessary. Even longer possibly.

Mycatsmellsbad Sat 20-Jun-20 15:46:29

Up until last week we were following the rules, meeting up in a public park, distancing from each other, no sharing of foods no hugging etc.

Then it was my sisters birthday and we met up with our parents (both in good health but over 70).

My dad went in to give her a hug and she said no don’t. He said ‘if I can’t hug my daughter on her birthday I would rather be dead’. We then all hugged and kissed and cried. My mum said that if she died tomorrow she would be happy.

I’ve felt guilty ever since but as my parents were the ones taking the risk it was really their decision to do it. They don’t see anyone else fwiw.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Sat 20-Jun-20 15:47:16

I haven’t seen any of my family since February and don’t have plans to yet. I haven’t been in a shop since m the beginning of March.

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Sat 20-Jun-20 15:48:35

Yes we are still social distancing. Technically I'm allowed to form a 'bubble' but my family have all decided its not necessary. (Not sure why they feel they can make that decision for me) .

Makegoodchoices Sat 20-Jun-20 15:49:55

I’m finding it exhausting to keep explaining the same boundaries to the same friends and family members. They don’t want to hear it so they act like they don’t understand!

yearinyearout Sat 20-Jun-20 15:50:35

We are still only meeting up outside and there's no hugging going on! I feel like my dm is forgetting about it though, she walked straight up to me to pick something up the other day (I'm not saying I think there's much risk, there isn't as neither of us are really going anywhere)

2007Millie Sat 20-Jun-20 15:51:22


dicksplash Sat 20-Jun-20 15:52:34

Just had sil and bil come up (they travelled 2 hours) and we social distanced. It was lovely to see then but sad we couldn't hug hello and goodbye.

MashedPotatoBrainz Sat 20-Jun-20 15:53:36

I haven't seen my daughter since February. We're both high risk and because of the distance I just can't see how we can see each other and keep each other safe. sad

wildthingsinthenight Sat 20-Jun-20 15:53:54

Yes still doing it. We visit their garden but stay at the opposite end to them

FizzFan Sat 20-Jun-20 15:54:28

Yes I have been sticking to the rules. I’ve been to see my parents sitting in their garden at 2m distance and my sister the same.

RedskyAtnight Sat 20-Jun-20 15:54:42

Extended family is either shielding or a long way away. So haven't seen any of them.

RhianFuckingMorris Sat 20-Jun-20 15:56:56

Not seen my parents since March. My sister since Feb.
But still sticking to the rules. Only 2 weeks to go and we can see each other but we will probably still social distance when we do see each other.

doodleygirl Sat 20-Jun-20 15:57:24

I hugged my 26 year old daughter for the first time since 22nd March on Thursday. We had on disposable boiler suits, masks and gloves. It was bloody marvellous.

I am a shielded so am still following the rules.

AntiHop Sat 20-Jun-20 15:57:36

Haven't seen any family, as they are too far away.

footprintsintheslow Sat 20-Jun-20 15:57:45

We have only seen one person and it was difficult socially distancing as we were seeing my eldest daughter who lives at uni. My youngest is two and we couldn't keep them apart although we were outside.

We will try to limit who we see and will definitely SD with anyone else. Which means not seeing any toddler friends.

sunflowersandtulips50 Sat 20-Jun-20 15:57:54

We met up with my DH brother and his family for the first time today. Met in a park and maintained social distancing - no hugs nothing.

Msmcc1212 Sat 20-Jun-20 15:59:30

Yes. We are still SD. Only meeting up outside. Friend was crying the other day and it was so hard not to hug her. But it’s what we need to do at the moment. Your son is likely to need consistent messages bless him. Perhaps that what you can use as the reason.

ThisIsGonnaHurt Sat 20-Jun-20 15:59:50

Everyone should be social distancing where possible. This shouldn't even have to be a question.

You are doing the right thing.

MrsMcCarthysfamousScones Sat 20-Jun-20 16:01:24

I saw one family member last week for the first time. We socially distanced in the garden.

HelloMissus Sat 20-Jun-20 16:02:45

I went to stay at my mums and her sister came to visit, also a cousin.

I hugged my mum but not aunt and cousin. Probably daft but I suppose every little helps?

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