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To eat frozen fruit straight from the bag?

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Effup Sat 20-Jun-20 14:52:20

During Covid I've been buying frozen berries and then throwing them on top of my hot porridge in the morning! Delish!

But I've been told they can make me very ill unless they are cooked!

Is this right? AIBU to eat my berries straight from the freezer?!

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magicstar1 Sat 20-Jun-20 14:59:39

If it’s the mixed berries then you’re supposed to heat them thoroughly / boil them before eating There have been cases of hepatitis and norovirus from eating them straight from frozen.

hazelnutlatte Sat 20-Jun-20 15:03:16

Really? My kids are constantly eating frozen fruit straight out of the packet, I had no idea there was any danger in that? I'm off to look at the packets now!

TeaAndHobnob Sat 20-Jun-20 15:04:00

I didn't know this.

I've been buying bags of frozen mixed berries for years and adding them to my breakfast!

Paddybare Sat 20-Jun-20 15:04:56

I use them in smoothies, I’ve never heard that they should be cooked. Off to check the packet now...

Bananarama12 Sat 20-Jun-20 15:05:40

I make them straight into a smoothie, never had a problem.

hazelnutlatte Sat 20-Jun-20 15:06:26

Just checked the packets. I have frozen blueberries, cherries and raspberries. There are instructions for defrosting, nothing on the packet about cooking before eating. I'm sure if they were unsafe to eat raw it would say on the packet.

MinorArcana Sat 20-Jun-20 15:06:33

I’d never heard that they should be cooked!

We chuck frozen berries straight into hot porridge too 😋

WaterOffADucksCrack Sat 20-Jun-20 15:06:47

I have to ask why you feel compelled to throw them into the porridge? Early morning anger management technique? grin

BrunoMars Sat 20-Jun-20 15:07:26

Crikes, I brought these pre-lockdown in case of emergency and my kids have loved making smoothies with them & now are a staple in the freezer. Who would think you have to cook them first?!

rainbowunicorn Sat 20-Jun-20 15:10:24

You don't have to cook them that is nonsense. If that were the case it would say so on the packet.

loutypips Sat 20-Jun-20 15:13:00

I used to eat them frozen when I was pregnant. Never heard that they are supposed to be cooked!

MinorArcana Sat 20-Jun-20 15:13:14

I’ve just checked all the packets of frozen fruit in my freezer.

All give defrosting instructions. Not a single one suggests it’s unsafe to eat them raw.

Thecazelets Sat 20-Jun-20 15:13:55

We eat them straight out of the packet and have done for years. No warnings on the pack that I can see.

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sat 20-Jun-20 15:14:06

I always just pop them in a sieve and give them a quick wash. They are washed before they are frozen, but sometimes the water they were washed in can contain pathogens, especially where the fruit is grown and washed in a country where the water safety isn’t guaranteed/there are different safety standards. Obviously it’s pretty unlikely, but there have been cases where people have contracted hepatitis A this way so personally I think it’s still worth giving them a bit of a wash.

Effup Sat 20-Jun-20 15:16:30

Lol anger management!

I just love the contrast of the hot and cold - little bit of honey and a teaspoon of almond butter delicious!!

I think I'll wash them in future

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Bridgeofpies Sat 20-Jun-20 15:16:40

Isn’t it sweetcorn that was the problem eating from frozen without cooking? We don’t heat frozen fruit after all it is often designed to go in a smoothie but always cook sweetcorn.

Interested to hear if we should be more careful!

Bridgeofpies Sat 20-Jun-20 15:18:08

Huh, a quick google reveals it can be an issue!

Effup Sat 20-Jun-20 15:19:37

@Bridgeofpies that product hadn't made it to the UK

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Effup Sat 20-Jun-20 15:21:06

But still I need to check my packets of frozen fruit...

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Euclid Sat 20-Jun-20 15:24:37

I would wash/rinse them but there is no need to heat them.

Bridgeofpies Sat 20-Jun-20 15:32:54

@Effup i just googled frozen fruit, there were quite a few stories that was just one I picked at random. Scary! Maybe the UK has more stringent measures though! I hope so!

vanillandhoney Sat 20-Jun-20 15:36:12


If it’s the mixed berries then you’re supposed to heat them thoroughly / boil them before eating There have been cases of hepatitis and norovirus from eating them straight from frozen.

Not according to any of the instructions!

Mine just say to defrost thoroughly before using and to consume within 12 hours.

Somertime Sat 20-Jun-20 15:46:38

One of my favourite snacks is frozen cherries so I hope it's not true.

Cheesecakejar Sat 20-Jun-20 15:47:58

What a load of shite.

Sorry just being honest 😆

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