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Sharing food at garden meet ups/picnics

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Coffeebiscuitsrepeat Sat 20-Jun-20 13:52:55

Does anyone know if it's within current rules to share food friends/family from different households, say at picnics and BBQs? I can't seem to find any concrete information anywhere. Are you doing it? I have done so a couple of times...

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cardibach Sat 20-Jun-20 13:55:09

The advice is not to share food or utensils. It’s fairly obvious really. It is just advice, though. Nobody is going to rush in and arrest you and confiscate your picnic.

MoaningMinniee Sat 20-Jun-20 13:57:50

We only share non-utensil food, eg cupcakes, and have a hand wash station on the food table, so everyone cleans their hands before touching.

Coffeebiscuitsrepeat Sat 20-Jun-20 14:05:14

On the meets I've been on, we share the food from say a BBQ or picnic, but bring our own plate and cutlery etc.

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LemonadeFromLemons Sat 20-Jun-20 14:57:12

When the government announced lockdown rule relaxation for June (England only) they explicitly said that you’d be able to have friends around for a BBQ in your garden. I’m not sure how they imagine that people wouldn’t be sharing. You’re at least going to be sharing a BBQ cooker, unless you tote your own around with you...

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 20-Jun-20 14:59:52

Where are you? I believe that in Scotland the recommendation is that everyone brings their own food / drink / utensils etc. No sharing. 2m distancing between different households.

mencken Sat 20-Jun-20 15:10:41

no. Visitors bring their own food and drink.

common bloody sense?

TSSDNCOP Sat 20-Jun-20 18:19:19

I have had SD visitors in the garden.

The easiest thing was to go to M&S and buy food that was pre-packed and then buy enough for each side of a table eg 2 x quiche, 2 x coleslaw, 2 x salad etc. Paper plates and cups. Bottled drinks each side.

Worked ok. Can see clearly it would've been less successful if booze had been involved.

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