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I feel like I’m on a downward spiral...covid

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mrshectic Sat 20-Jun-20 03:31:38

I am a single mum of 3, 2ds 13 & 12, and dd 6. I took mine out of school a week before lockdown (did had a congenial heart defect and I knew they would shut schools anyway). I spent first few weeks being enthusiastic...Pe with Joe, downloading school work for little one... it was tough sharing one laptop between all of us at the time and felt like so much hard work. But I continued and we got through.

Problem is, I’ve hit such a low point...last couple of weeks have just been awful. My dad year are back in school, she is desperate to go back, but can’t ( on GPs advice)...missing friends and is amazing at the whole social distancing (she’s eldest in yr being born on 2nd September), but I understand that at this age, many aren’t.

It’s like it’s descended into chaos at home and I can’t get out of it. The bedtimes are getting later, and I’m not sleeping well at all. Her school work, I can’t even face looking at anymore as she’s fighting me on every corner.

I’m exhausted. I’ve had an awful eye infection for the last 2 months that has left me feeling like total crap as well. So feel completely useless and like I’m the worst Mum ever.

Am I the only one who is like this atm? Because it actually feels like I am at times...

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Leglump Sat 20-Jun-20 03:37:36

That sounds very hard. And believe me, you’re not alone in the chaos situ. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Leglump Sat 20-Jun-20 03:38:37

Also, fuck school work. If it’s vaguely even slightly educational, I let them do what they want. There are only so many battles you can fight.

mrshectic Sat 20-Jun-20 03:48:02

Leglump, it's the sheer amount of work for a 6 yr old! Seriously, I could print off at least ten sheets of work a day, let alone the handwriting and other little ' extras' they can do...hmm... then there's The WhatsApp group with how amazing everyone is with all their work, blah blah.

I'm so tired of trying to do it all. It's just me. And not just me and my dad... but 2 moody bloody teenagers too, plus I have to squeeze my work, housework, shopping, cooking....I feel like that's it, I'm done!

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mrshectic Sat 20-Jun-20 03:49:38

It's not just me and my *dd. .... bloody autocorrect... it'll tip me over the edge grin

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MeerkatMolly Sat 20-Jun-20 06:44:38

We had a WhatsApp group for the class, at the start there were a lot of parents saying how well their children were doing and posting photos of their creations and what they had been up to. By week three it had all gone to pot and most people were tearing their hair out!

Have you seen anyone about your eye infection? You probably have it because you are run down. That will make you feel dreadful without all the other day to day ‘fun’ of home schooling.

Youreadthebabybooks Sat 20-Jun-20 06:52:21

I totally get how you feel being a single parent is hard enough normally but with the added job of homeschooling now is enough to tip anyone over the edge.
Listen I would come off whatsapp or at east mute those groups - I can’t stand the gloating over super mum activities without consideration for other people’s circumstances
Also as others have said don’t worry about school work honestly we are managing in a crisis not replacing school no one expects you to.
Try and enjoy this time with the kids, I bought some orchard tree games for my 8 and 5 year old - some academic element but ultimately we are just playing together ( or they play together as I’m tidying cooking or working)
I have zoom meetings a lot so they are shoved in their rooms to play but they love it making dens etc
I’m sure other school mums have a whole schedule of a broad spectrum of topics learned throughout the day but they will be in the minority most are just scrabbling through each day with a semblance of sanity.
Give yourself a break you are doing an amazing job being a single mum of three in lockdown even if they have learned nothing from a syllabus you have kept them safe and healthy xx

NoMoreReluctantCustodians Sat 20-Jun-20 06:55:51

I honestly dont know how parents are managing. It's not a solution but I think you should cut yourself some slack and acknowledge how well you have done to manage so well for so long. I think when all this is over, parents will look back and wonder how on earth they managed

Sorry I dont have any practical advice

welshladywhois40 Sat 20-Jun-20 07:06:26

Hi - just wanted stay this has been a tough week as I am sure with the daily rain the kids have been couped up more than usual.

Problem is everyday is day is the same - are their ways to build treats or differences in?

We always rent a movie on a Saturday night - it's a small thing but it's our treat.

The eye infection sounds like you are run down. Hopefully with the better weather today, the kids can get outside and burn off some energy

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