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to think this isn’t an emergency. Leg lump, pictures!

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Leglump Fri 19-Jun-20 13:30:24

I have a lump that’s grown on my leg. It’s behind my knee, and is about 3mm across. My sister has had a look and says to see the doc, but the practice has no appointments except for “clinical emergency.” Sis has said that this is urgent, I think she’s over reacting.

Thoughts please!

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NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Fri 19-Jun-20 13:31:32

no it's not an emergency.

ItsAHardKn0ckLife1 Fri 19-Jun-20 13:33:03

Could you request a telephone appointment? Then they can decide if they need to see it. I’d want that looked at asap tbh

FishAreAcquaintancesNotFood Fri 19-Jun-20 13:34:48

Weird asymmetrical lumps should be seen I think. Your gp is probably doing virtual appts as most are. Let them decide if it needs to be seen.

LumaLou Fri 19-Jun-20 13:36:09

Good idea to get medical advice

MissSmiley Fri 19-Jun-20 13:37:12

Email the pic to your dr and they can decide if they want to see you

Leglump Fri 19-Jun-20 13:59:34

Am on hold waiting to see can I have an email address to send it to.

To me it’s just a pink lump - it scales a bit but that’s it.

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Straycatstrut Fri 19-Jun-20 14:02:44

I think all lumps should be seen. I'd been having stomach aches and noticed a an egg sized one in my abdomen and rang the doctors straight away last week. She phoned me back a couple of days later and then saw me a couple of days after that (PPE and all that). She thinks I have a hernia and will need it correcting with surgery. Not particularly fun but could be a lot worse. It's always best to check.

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Fri 19-Jun-20 14:23:22

If your GP surgery has no appointments other than clinical emergency, telephone 111. If they consider you need to be seen, they will either suggest you go to your nearest walk-in centre or arrange a telephone appointment with your GP. You can then photograph it and send it to the GP.

3mm is very small, no irregular edges, not black - it looks like a mole.

Hellohah Fri 19-Jun-20 14:28:04

Does your practice have an email address?

I emailed a picture as my son's back acne has got quite bad. I didn't want to ring, so thought an email and a picture - they could deal with as and when. The doctor rang me within an hour and sent a prescription to the pharmacy to collect.

I would email them the picture and let them decide if it's serious.

tinytemper66 Fri 19-Jun-20 14:30:59

I had a similar thing on my back. I took photos and tang GP. They asked me to email them and she discussed it over the phone. Mine is a benign mole and will be seen in clinic whenever this is over.

FoodieToo Fri 19-Jun-20 14:34:03

Might it be this ??

My husband has loads of them.

Bloops Fri 19-Jun-20 14:38:59

All lumps and bumps should be checked over imo.

Stripeytopgirl Fri 19-Jun-20 14:41:06

Thats a wart.

Stripeytopgirl Fri 19-Jun-20 14:41:46

Or looks a lot like one, I’m not a doctor. 😂

scochran Fri 19-Jun-20 14:43:20

Check it. Skin can have serious problems, don't ignore it. A pic is all the dr might need to see.

Gatehouse77 Fri 19-Jun-20 14:44:50

Send a photo to your GP (email or snail mail) and they’ll contact you.

Anamechanged Fri 19-Jun-20 14:45:27

Looks like this

grincheux Fri 19-Jun-20 14:45:36

It looks like a wart.

SteelyPanther Fri 19-Jun-20 14:46:54

You could ask a pharmacist to look at it for an opinion.

Samtsirch Fri 19-Jun-20 14:57:45

It looks like a wart/ verruca to me.

MillicentMartha Fri 19-Jun-20 14:58:55

It looks like a wart to me, too.

CaffiSaliMali Fri 19-Jun-20 15:23:17

My GP surgery has an e consult service online where you describe your symptoms and can send photos to a GP. If yours has similar I would do that OP - then they can decide if you need to be seen or not.

Failing that, show a pharmacist for advice.

starfish4 Fri 19-Jun-20 15:28:42

Ask for a telephone appointment.

Amibannedorwhat Fri 19-Jun-20 15:31:44

You’ll be offered a telephone appointment then they’ll ask you to send a photo I expect.

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