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When to contact the hospital for non-urgent postnatal checks

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LolaLollypop Thu 18-Jun-20 21:03:45

DS was born in February. On his prenatal scans, a small anomaly with the kidney was found - a single cyst. On our last scan (35 weeks) the consultant couldn't find it and said it had probably resolved itself. He said baby would need a follow up scan once delivered.
Obviously with Covid this never happened. DS is now 4 months, a beautiful bouncing boy with no issues that I can see. Feeding, weeing and pooing fine.
Would you contact the hospital and follow up the scan or leave it til this virus blows over?

On a separate issue... I'm still suffering with coccyx pain from pregnancy/labour. In normal circumstances I'd be getting a physio referral but I've also been putting it off. Again.. should I start following this up with my GP?

YABU - don't contact, it's not urgent
YANBU - yes get in touch! It's time to get the issues sorted

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MumInBrussels Thu 18-Jun-20 21:11:04

I would follow both up - you might have a long wait, so it would be worth starting the whole process off sooner rather than later, I reckon...

PrayingandHoping Thu 18-Jun-20 21:13:30

Definitely follow it up

These referrals can fall through gaps even without Covid. I had to chase a cardio referral after my baby was born last Oct.

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