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To ask how many pupils can fit in with 1m distancing?

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halcyondays Thu 18-Jun-20 17:46:21

In the average classroom?

So NI have decided to send them all back full time in Aug/Sept with 1m distancing for “children and Young people” but they must have 2m between adults in schools. Are 18 year olds in sixth form not adults now?

But I’m wondering if you can fit full classes in to the average classroom even if they only have to be 1m apart.

I’m dubious about the 1m change. China have been using the 1m rule in schools but they were taking temperatures and wearing masks.

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ShinyMe Thu 18-Jun-20 17:48:39

How can anyone say? It depends on the size and shape of the classroom, the type of furniture, the relation of the door to the room...

QuarantineQueen Thu 18-Jun-20 17:49:25

In my classroom? 15...

DomDoesWotHeWants Thu 18-Jun-20 17:50:39

10 - 15, depending on the room.

QuarantineQueen Thu 18-Jun-20 17:51:00

Oh wait do I need to be 2m away? In that case that's half the front row out. 12. Optimistically. They are usually crushed together 3 to a desk.

ThatUserNamesTakenTryAnother Thu 18-Jun-20 17:51:27

🤔 So what size is an average classroom

SmileEachDay Thu 18-Jun-20 17:55:38

It wouldn’t make any difference in my class because there’s not enough room to get an additional row of desks and even at 1m they could only sit one to a desk.


ineedaholidaynow Thu 18-Jun-20 17:57:07

I assume in most classrooms children will at the very least sit in pairs if not groups, so I would assume you would have to now have a space between each child, so surely it would usually work out as half the number of pupils in a class. There are usually very few spare desks.

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