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Lockdown in the rain is even more shit.

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Bluewavescrashing Thu 18-Jun-20 14:06:13

Nothing open for children to do. Cinemas, swimming pools, the dreaded soft play, libraries, cafes all closed. No parties to drop off at. No play dates. No lunch out.

Weekend looks wet where we live. No doubt we'll do a welly walk in the woods but ugh.

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contrmary Thu 18-Jun-20 14:07:15

I prefer it in the rain - it means fewer people out and about so easier to social distance.

Bluewavescrashing Thu 18-Jun-20 14:48:58

Walking around in the rain is fine if you're dressed for it (we always are) but it's not exactly fun is it?

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Turnedouttoes Thu 18-Jun-20 14:51:52

I’m wfh so rarely get a chance to go outside anyway but it’s crazy how much my mood changes based on the weather. I was unbelievably miserable last week when it was grey and wet and now the suns just come out I feel so invigorated and uplifted.

Perhaps I need to emigrate somewhere hot and sunny

WillYouDoTheFandango Thu 18-Jun-20 14:55:31

I hear you. Last night DS and I got caught in what was later identified as a mini tornado confused. Today we walked around a lake in the pissing rain. DS had no dry shoes left so I made him go in his crocs. Fair play to him he didn’t moan about wet feet in those.

hammeringinmyhead Thu 18-Jun-20 14:55:39

It's awful today. My toddler is bashing his shoes against the patio doors but it's absolutely pelting with rain and the paths/pavements are slippy. When it's nice I open the doors and he can roam as he pleases. Like a cat.

B9008 Thu 18-Jun-20 15:00:41

Pissing down here and I agree: it all feels so bleak. I’ve had enough of it now. I can’t understand how anyone can be enjoying this but it seems it’s an introverts dream come true reading some threads.

ChardonnaysPetDragon Thu 18-Jun-20 15:02:44

I quite like it in the rain. It's cosier.

Beaniebeemer Thu 18-Jun-20 15:05:41

I would be absolutely fine with it all...... if I didn’t have children!!

Lyricallie Thu 18-Jun-20 15:07:41

Totally agree were on the north coast of Scotland and it's a rare day of sunshine today. Even though we're working from home we could sit outside for lunch and we're going to go the beach after work! So nice!

peppapigisscottish Thu 18-Jun-20 15:08:18

Children't aren't gremlins - they can get wet.

SecretWitch Thu 18-Jun-20 15:08:34


I quite like it in the rain. It's cosier.

Me too!! I rather like grey and wet weather. We are having endless hot and sunny weather where I am. I hate it.

APurpleSquirrel Thu 18-Jun-20 15:08:52

June has been a complete washout so far except for Monday here. With two under 6 rain is a nightmare. We've already done play doh this morning, baking yesterday, school work, & now tv. At least if the weather is dry they can play in the garden.

vanillandhoney Thu 18-Jun-20 15:09:07

I prefer it when it's raining - means I don't feel like I'm missing out on as much!

Drivingdownthe101 Thu 18-Jun-20 15:10:05

Yeah it’s shit. Yes we have waterproofs etc but there’s only so much walking in the rain that a 6, 4 and 1 year old will tolerate/enjoy.

KaronAVyrus Thu 18-Jun-20 15:10:30

Imagine how hard it must be for families that live in flats. I don’t know how they’ve coped.

CountessFrog Thu 18-Jun-20 15:11:26

Daughters birthday here....should be in school but apparently no room for Y6 until next month 🤔

MarcelineMissouri Thu 18-Jun-20 15:15:16

Yep, my mood always goes right down in this kind of weather.
I always get really annoyed when people spout the usual oh it’s just a bit of rain, you just need time right clothes etc etc. Not everyone likes being out in the rain. I don’t, dh doesn’t, our eldest doesn’t. It’s nothing to do with the right clothes, we just don’t like being out in the rain!! It’s not that unusual! If it’s raining we prefer indoor activities.

It does make me think how lucky we have been with the weather for the most part over lockdown.

formerbabe Thu 18-Jun-20 15:16:17

I's awful. It's also costing me a fortune because the only thing to do is shop.

EnlightenedOwl Thu 18-Jun-20 15:17:09

Absolutely shit. I'm done I think if this drags on much longer

mrsBtheparker Thu 18-Jun-20 15:17:21

Glad of the rain, the grass is so dry that it crunches underfoot.

gutentag1 Thu 18-Jun-20 15:18:29

Agreed. I coped ok at first as I could go for walks and sit in the garden, but these past few weeks of horrible weather have made me really depressed.

threesmallcows Thu 18-Jun-20 15:18:58

I look at it a different way

The sunny weather actually masked the reality of what lockdown really is. There was a holiday mood and even sitting in the garden - if you're lucky enough to have one - was a pleasure.

This miserable weather reveals the true, depressing, life-destroying nature of a lockdown.

Drivingdownthe101 Thu 18-Jun-20 15:22:46

This miserable weather reveals the true, depressing, life-destroying nature of a lockdown


squashyhat Thu 18-Jun-20 15:23:17

Apart from a few showers it's been dry for weeks in the south east of England. I would have been going to a local music festival this weekend so I'm almost hoping it buckets down to make me feel better not being there.

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