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Really angry over work situation

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sitckmansladylove Thu 18-Jun-20 12:53:35

Thank You Floating. It is really hurting me and I feel insulted. There isn't much respect for the way things are managed in the school but I don't want go get sucked into all the negativity. New teachers are mentoring new teachers and given promotions that are not disclosed at meetings. During lock down they were invited into school and zoom meetings ceased as the head teacher arranged events with them. One of the teachers is a substitute.

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JustFloatingBy Thu 18-Jun-20 11:35:24

I feel your pain and frustration at a situation which is both out of your control and unfair.

What you're feeling is a completely natural reaction.

I don't have any good book suggestions, but when I went through something similar (ish), what helped was talking it through with a therapist and recognising that it's a form of grieving process.

Happy to chat more via PM if you want 😊

sitckmansladylove Thu 18-Jun-20 11:08:10

I can't do much over the work situation as it's related to favouritism and priority given to 'friends' of the boss. I am in a professional job (teaching) but roles and responsibilities are not distributed fairly. I have spoken to management and all is denied despite one particular member of staff having her own office and junior staff doing work that management should have responsibility for. Anyway it's nearly the end of term and I am actively looking for work. But it's just cutting me to my stomach. I need to some kind of work on myself I think. The job is local and I am respected (just not in the clique of new teachers). I have just decided to quietly lesv e but this will take years due to the rural location if the school.
Is there a book or anything that will help me see the good in this (my dh says let the younger teachers do the work I am paid the management salary) I have young dc and a lovely home and I shouldn't feel this upset over something out of my control? Any help appreciated.

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