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Will the courts finally take our racial abuse seriously?

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namechangeindiana Wed 17-Jun-20 21:38:29

I've been in family court with my ex for over a year now. There was a act finding hearing and he was found to have committed numerous acts of abuse towards me. Coercive control, emotional abuse, harassment and racial abuse. The former I can deal with and recover from, but the thing that affected me the most is the racial abuse. He would say racist things in front of me, laugh about racist jokes with his father, and worst of all, refused to accept his son is mixed race and wouldn't refer to him as anything other than white. I am half black and half white. Our son is quarter black, and this is obvious when looking at him (even if it wasn't, he would still be mixed race).

The courts have only given him indirect access for a year now. One photo a month. They always focus on coercive control and emotional abuse, but I want them to really consider the racial abuse more closely and strongly.

Can a court really give a racist man access to his mixed race son?

CAFCASS have ruled that he should only have indirect access and are firm with this but the judge seemed to think that all children should have access to both parents.

Son is only 19 months old.

What are the chances that the judge may have opened their eyes to the effects and extent of racism towards black people recently?

I'm terrified he's going to get access and destroy our son.

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PumpkinP Thu 18-Jun-20 00:19:17

Sorry you’ve had no response, I think I remember you posting about your ex before if you are the same poster and he sounds truly vile. I don’t have any experience with court but sadly from what I’ve heard they always seem to think contact is the most important thing.

namechangeindiana Thu 18-Jun-20 11:09:53

Thanks @PumpkinP - feeling very lost at the moment.

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PumpkinP Thu 18-Jun-20 17:42:00

Maybe repost or ask for this to be moved to relationships board, I think you will get more comments / advice on there. Good luck

namechangeindiana Thu 18-Jun-20 17:43:32

@PumpkinP thank you x

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