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Aibu to ask for a quick straw poll

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slangofoillmochara Wed 17-Jun-20 15:03:46

Home bargains or B&M
Which is better for choice and value in general?
Do your rate one over the other?
I've to do a fairly big shop for general supplies (I'm running low most non perishable things) on a limited budget.
Thanks in advance!

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LadyFeliciaMontague Wed 17-Jun-20 15:16:23

Home bargains.
B&M (near us at least) has smaller aisles so it always feels claustrophobic and stressful.
We have a couple of home bargains near us and it’s much more spacious, better laid out and has a larger selection.

icedaisy Wed 17-Jun-20 15:17:45

Home bargains. Never liked BM.

DysonFury Wed 17-Jun-20 15:18:16

Home Bargains.

WhenISnappedAndFarted Wed 17-Jun-20 15:19:35

Home Bargains

slangofoillmochara Wed 17-Jun-20 19:27:11

Home bargains it is! Thanks v much x

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Firstawake Wed 17-Jun-20 19:58:59

Home bargains

Louiselouie0890 Wed 17-Jun-20 20:01:04

I honestly like them both I tend to find bnm usually has what I need more often than home bargains

slangofoillmochara Thu 18-Jun-20 00:29:26

I found home bargains a very positive shopping experience! Lots of choice, very clean and space to social distance. Lovely staff also.
I definitely thought it was cheaper than B&M.
HB is def my new go to. Thanks again!

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HotSince82 Thu 18-Jun-20 00:32:51

Home & Bargain

Merryoldgoat Thu 18-Jun-20 00:50:05

I thought they were the same shop blush

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