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AIBU to tell you that you that the best £7.99 I've ever spent is?

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SardineOil Wed 17-Jun-20 13:33:36

The new bloody Peppa pig movie! My 2 kids haven't stopped fighting and whinging since they woke up this morning. So I was searching through sky store and found this, they're hooked! It's a life saver, I'm now Mumsnetting and doing a colour my number app on my phone. Peace at last! If you're getting desperate and you've got sky, do it you won't regret it grin

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Ponoka7 Wed 17-Jun-20 13:36:44

Thanks for the recommendation. I never think of looking for kids stuff on Sky. I'll be having my GC again at mine soon.

CoRhona Wed 17-Jun-20 14:15:31

I was excited by your thread title love finding Mumsnet hidden treasures but not sure my three teens would be as well entertained... wink

SardineOil Wed 17-Jun-20 14:42:46

@CoRhona yeah maybe not blush

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EmbarrassedUser Wed 17-Jun-20 14:45:26

The best £7.99 I spend is for my monthly Readly Subscription. Bloody love that thing! Hundreds of mags right there at my disposal, such a bargain. They often do two months free for anyone who wants to try it out.

GreyHairBigKnickers Wed 17-Jun-20 14:45:40

It is my moral duty to warn you that in 10 years time you are going to remember every song, toy, catchphrase and character and your teenagers are going to deny any knowledge of Peppa Pig grin

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