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To think theres no excuse for not subtitling on demand content any more

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Jingstohang Wed 17-Jun-20 12:51:08

I've been watching crap TV on Netflix (Below Deck, judge away) and watched 2 seasons, all subtitled. Moved to Hayu for seasons 3 - 7 and no subtitles.

What is so bloody difficult about adding subtitles? I'm deaf, I can't watch the rest of it because there are none. It's infuriating. NowTV is really bad for this too but if Netflix can manage it on the same programme I dont understand why other streaming providers can't.

There have been so many campaigns about this, why arent things changing?

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Honeydukesmum Wed 17-Jun-20 13:02:06

Absolutely it so frustrating. I’m not clinically deaf but find following Spoken word difficult so we routinely have subtitles on . Lots of things on Sky have subtitles when live but on Sky Ondemand the same programme won’t have them 😬

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