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Apples IOS 13 "website edit shortcuts" con artists dream?

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Candlefairy101 Wed 17-Jun-20 10:47:03

Surely scammers can copy and edit any website, using apples new feature "edit web page shortcuts, and plagiarise/make out it is there own. Possibly take money from innocent clients/customers who don't know that the website they are looking at has been scammed?

I know they plagiarists would have to set up a new .com or .co etc, but haven't Apple just handed over to a con artist a simple way to copy & edit and plagiarise someone else's site?

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shutupsteph Wed 17-Jun-20 10:51:04

Not sure where you've seen this, can you link to source?

Web pages are locked down in their html, if the page is built correctly it's impossible for anyone other than the developers to edit it. However, code is freely available for the most part so if a scammer wanted to copy a webpage it's very easy for them to do so, it's most common for email logins/online banking logins that are copied by scammers looking to take your details by sending bogus emails etc so this threat already exists regardless of what apple are doing, it's with the user to be careful (making sure the page is secure, never following links from emails especially if it looks dodgy etc) because cyber crime is too big a problem for anyone to tackle.

ScarfLadysBag Wed 17-Jun-20 11:00:35

You can do this with any internet browser. And it's only user-end editing, you aren't actually editing the website itself for others to see.

contrmary Wed 17-Jun-20 11:00:37

If you are talking about editing a live web page on the actual domain where it is hosted, only the administrator (or someone who has hacked the password) can do that.

Users are able to manipulate a web page to change how it looks and works for them only. Tools to do this have been around for years; different browsers already present the same web page in different ways.

If you mean someone can copy a web page and load it to a different URL entirely to attempt to scam someone, yes, that's very true. It's been like that since the web was created. It was actually easier in the 90s because web code was very basic, any idiot could do it. Most fancy web pages with bells and whistles take a bit of effort to copy now.

KillingOksana Thu 18-Jun-20 07:54:34

As others have said. They won't be able to change the host html files only the ones they see.

If you right click and view properties on most browsers you can see the source code.

Its great if you encounter a shit website I.e the scrolling function is funked and you have thw coding skills you can go in and fix it for your viewing only

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