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To think it is no wonder there is climate change?

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malificent7 Wed 17-Jun-20 06:26:27

Lockdown is tough and quite dull but nature has enjoyed a break. When i see pictures of clearer skies, animals roaming streets and reports of sea horses thriving under lockdown i can see a silver lining. People in some parts of India have seen the Himalayas in the first time for 30 years.
Then in the UK as soon as lockdown eases we have litter and shit on the beaches.
On Monday the amount of people queing outside of Primark was horrendous....demonstrating that fast fashion, a major polluter isnt going as anywhere ( not that i am judging as it is also cheap and accessable and i get kids clothes there as cannot afford John Lewis etc)
Have a heard a single government talk about climate change during the Only the economy which is vital but in order for a robust economy we create pollution.

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macaronilemonpony Wed 17-Jun-20 08:02:11

Pandemic has pushed all else aside for a while

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