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Neighbour is using our bin

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strugglingwithdeciding Wed 17-Jun-20 01:13:37

Aibu that neighbour is using our bin
They used to recycle nothing now the odd bottle so always overflowing a week after collection
Our bins are stored around the back all together and my kids generally take bin bags out but I'm starting to wonder how we seem to have full bins every bin day despite us recycling lots and squishing our rubbish down and generally being quite careful .
Suddenly dawned on me that neighbours are sneaking the odd bag into ours
Now come bin day if mines not full I would have no problem them using and when we are away I have told them to use it if they dont mind putting it out bin day
I know it's only a bin but I pay to keep it clean I try not to put food waste in and last bin day couldn't get one of my own bin bags in

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AdaColeman Wed 17-Jun-20 01:19:33

Get a bin lock!

avamiah Wed 17-Jun-20 01:24:17

Sorry OP but just laughed out loud.
No disrespect meant .
Just tell them straight.

IwishIhadaMargarita Wed 17-Jun-20 01:35:15

I hate cheeky fuckers using my bin. If they ask and I have space then sure I have no issue at all. I used to live next to the worst cf’s who always put her bin in the space meant for ours at pick up. I always had to shove her bin back two feet to be able to put mine out. Hers was always overflowing and had random shite poking out as she was too lazy to head to the top. Both had cars and her two adult Sons who visited every week had vans ffs!

The collection after New Years was late and my inside bin was fill some nipped out to chuck a last bag in but I couldn’t because she had stuck her excess oozing rubbish in my bin and overfilled it. I took her bags out and put them on her doorstep. I live in a new build and we had to pay for our bins. As she was moving out her bin lid was at a 45 degree angle as usual NBC and she had pillows to throw away so had sat them on top of my bin. It was possible the bin wouldn’t be picked up with those on there. I put them on the roof of her car. So glad she fucked off!

strugglingwithdeciding Wed 17-Jun-20 01:43:13

@AdaColeman there is such thing as a bin lock ? I will investigate
I know it's a bin and I shouldn't be so worried but they often have maggots in theirs due to all food waste and often just thrown in loose not wrapped up

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strugglingwithdeciding Wed 17-Jun-20 01:45:33

@avamiah yes I know I should but they would deny it and short of putting up cctv it going through bin I couldn't prove it as such
Even for me that will be going to far
My dh does take the mickey about me and how we have a cleaner bin than probably some people's floors ( prob my own included at times ) as I'm quite precious about it

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TrickorTreacle Wed 17-Jun-20 01:50:12

Gravity lock

Alittleshortforaspacepooper Wed 17-Jun-20 01:52:16

It's your bin, you're allowed to be precious about it if you want to be.

It fucks me right off when people do this. I'd wager that the person who said they laughed at your post has never been in a position where they are unable to use their bins or the binmen have refused to take their rubbish due to a neighbour being a cheekyfucker. I second the bin lock suggestion.

NeverFit Wed 17-Jun-20 01:54:45

You have my sympathy, OP.

I hate cheeky people putting rubbish in my bin without asking, especially those that don't use bin bags

So much so that I will leave it until the early hours of the morning to put my bin out.

Needaripeavocado Wed 17-Jun-20 02:09:11

fill the bin up so no room, put it somewhere else if pos or put rubbish in their bin too

FortunesFave Wed 17-Jun-20 02:19:07,your%20bin%20safe%20and%20secure.

3cats Wed 17-Jun-20 02:20:28

I’m confused. Did you tell them they could use the bin? Because it’s a bit weird to tell them they can use the bin and then get upset that they used the bin.

Anyway, I’d probably just get a bin lock, if I were you.

FantasyPanda Wed 17-Jun-20 02:23:37

Had this with one of my neighbours. The first time was bin day, they'd chucked a bag full off recycling in my already full bin, leaving the lid open. Just managed to squish it down enough before the bin men arrived.

The second time was a couple of days later but I let it go and moved my bin to the back garden (had to bring it through my house to do so 🤢).
The last, and hopefully final time, they put a massive bulging bag in my very full garden waste bin.. during the day!! They clearly have no shame.
I took it out in the middle of the night and dumped it on their door step. I think the resident fox had a field day that night!! Said neighbours haven't done it since, but I've invested in a cheap camera just in case.

Cheeky fuckers who use other people's bins for what ever reason without asking is one of my biggest pet peeves.

BlankTimes Wed 17-Jun-20 02:23:45

Gravity bin locks open automatically when the bin is emptied on the lorry, but they stay locked when it's upright.

If a bin has maggots, leave the lid open, the birds will eat the maggots.

TehBewilderness Wed 17-Jun-20 02:52:45

We get charged extra for bags set out next to the bin.
I would be annoyed if I was paying extra for someone else rubbish.
If you want to have a joke on them you could put an alarm on the bin.

Durgasarrow Wed 17-Jun-20 03:02:51

Your husband is a lucky man to have a wife who keeps things so clean! I am an utter slattern. I admire you!

FortunesFave Wed 17-Jun-20 03:50:29

Durgasarrow what?? confused What do you mean?? What's her husband got to do with this? She never said she HAS one and he might be the one doing all the housework. OP might be a minging cow for all we know...I think you're trying to wind people up.

FortunesFave Wed 17-Jun-20 03:53:58

3Cats OP says nothing about letting the neighbour use her bin. There's nothing to be confused about.

Whataloadofshite Wed 17-Jun-20 04:14:41


Thepigeonsarecoming Wed 17-Jun-20 04:22:25

@FortunesFave OP said “My dh does take the mickey about me and how we have a cleaner bin than probably some people's floors ( prob my own included at times ) as I'm quite precious about it“

Anyhow OP it wouldn’t bother me people using my bin if not full on the morning of collection. Any other time it would annoy the shit out of me!

sotiredofthislonelylife Wed 17-Jun-20 04:24:30

Fortunesfave If you read the thread, the OP mentions her DH, and also that she doesn’t mind her neighbour using the bin when she’s away!!

Aclh13 Wed 17-Jun-20 04:28:59

My awful neighbour used to be like this at uni 'spoilt scouser' me and my mum used to call her. She would constantly ditch in my bins leaving no room for my rubbish at all and OBVIOUSLY I was no saint but she used to take it too far, constantly parties, 'sniff' drugs ect. The mum used to constantly be over getting drunk with her. My parents eventually put a lock on my bin and then she started dumping in my brown bin and she moved out 6 weeks before me and dumped everthing underneath our communal stairs. I eventually put a note in with LA, LL and council regarding her rubbish and the fact it wasn't mine and dumped it all out on the street. She even stupidly left letters with her name on haven't heard of her since awful human

TehBewilderness Wed 17-Jun-20 05:18:01

She even stupidly left letters with her name on haven't heard of her since awful human

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant.

Aclh13 Wed 17-Jun-20 06:03:57

@TehBewilderness wtf does that mean

Thesepretzelsaremakingmethirst Wed 17-Jun-20 06:12:29

@TehBewilderness eh?

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