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AIBU DH thinks we should go to neighbours BBQ

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Peterbishopssarcasticsmile Tue 16-Jun-20 19:44:36

Neighbours a few doors down are having a BBQ at the weekend with friends and family. No mention of social distancing and with a fair few people coming don't see how they can
I know from talking to them they went to visit family over the last few weeks and didn't social distance then despite being inside so I doubt this will happen.
We have been invited. I told DH there's no way I'm going after spending three months not seeing my mum, his family etc
He thinks we should go and show our face or they'll be offended.
I personally couldn't give a crap if they are offended. Apparently they've said they're 'bubbling up' with this group of attendees but theyre not a single person household
I'm not here to judge or tell on them just because I feel like I'm going mad as DH is acting like I'm being miserable and unreasonable

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