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Aibu to want a refund from royal mail

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Bells3032 Tue 16-Jun-20 18:54:09

I moved out of my flat and in with my husband in Dec 2018. I paid for my redelivery for a year and in Dec 2019 paid another £70 for it to be redirected for a another year. Since December I have not had a single piece of mail redelivered which actually resulted in me getting a £200 fine for not paying my service charge in time.

Today I picked 5 pieces of mail from the flat. I understand the occasional piece going through but every single piece.

I get it must be harder now but wibu to claim and ask for a refund?

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parentofteen Tue 16-Jun-20 18:55:06

YANBU, that's pretty bad.

HoneysuckIejasmine Tue 16-Jun-20 18:55:12

Not the point, but haven't you changed your address for these companies yet?

Batshittery Tue 16-Jun-20 19:00:26

YANBU. You have paid for a service that you are not getting. I would want a refund too.

abstractzebra Tue 16-Jun-20 19:01:48

Of course you should ask for a refund.
What's the point in them offering the service at a cost and then not actually doing it?
I contacted Royal Mail once about them delivering my mail to the wrong address which was partly the same as mine but obviously different and they took it very seriously and sorted it out.

Bells3032 Tue 16-Jun-20 19:06:51

@HoneysuckIejasmine for the most part I have. But the flat is still in. My name and. So. Service charges etc still go there. Other letters have been things that don't come often and I just forgot to update.

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NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Tue 16-Jun-20 19:17:23

Last year I claimed back the cost when they delivered some mail, when they should have withheld it, while we were away on holiday. I had no problem in getting a refund.

I would definitely claim a refund or, if you can prove it is the case, claim back any costs you have incurred as a direct result of their not fulfilling the contract.

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