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To not tell him the time

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Hohohole Tue 16-Jun-20 08:09:49

Everynight my partner will ask me the time when we're in bed asleep. I might just turn over in bed and he'll ask me. I've stopped answering him because it means looking at my phone, when he has his right beside him. Aibu in stopping being his talking clock?

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TheLightSideOfTheMoon Tue 16-Jun-20 08:11:57

I'd just make something up.

DP talks in his sleep and asks batshit questions. Is your DP doing somilar or is he actually awake and asking?

needsahouseboy Tue 16-Jun-20 08:27:04

This annoys me when my child asks the time when he can look at the clock, adult doing it would give me the right rage grin

Hohohole Tue 16-Jun-20 08:35:40

No he woke up for a minute and asked. He's in a huff today because I didn't answer him last night. Weirdo.

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UnfinishedSymphon Tue 16-Jun-20 08:38:11

So he's waking you up to ask you what the time is? Why does he need to know what the time is in the middle of the night and why the fuck is he waking you up to ask? He'd get short shrift from me if he dared to wake me up for any reason other than the house is burning down.

BashStreetKid Tue 16-Jun-20 08:40:49

Don't take your phone to bed and tell him that there is no point asking you the time because you won't know.

Magicra84 Tue 16-Jun-20 08:41:24

Tell him to snap out of his huff. The lazy bastard should check himself if it's that important.

Topseyt Tue 16-Jun-20 08:41:42

I'd have told him that it was time to get up for work or whatever and that he had overslept badly.

After that I would either refuse to answer that question again or would give a completely ridiculous answer (like the above) to wind him up.

My mother used to say that a silly question, or one that you really could answer yourself with virtually no effort, would elicit a silly and ridiculous answer.

Murinae Tue 16-Jun-20 08:42:40

Buy him an Alexa and thence can ask her

BurMaMa2 Tue 16-Jun-20 08:42:47

I suppose you could always get him a large fluorescent alarm clock and put it on his side of the bed? 😉

YourDaughter Tue 16-Jun-20 08:42:48

Buy a digital clock? Problem solved for both of you...

DestinationFkd Tue 16-Jun-20 08:44:55

Just buy him a digital clock for his bedside table. He can look at the time as often as he wants then.
If he asks you again after you can smack him round the lug hole with it

SadSisters Tue 16-Jun-20 08:49:27

OP doesn’t have to buy him an alarm clock because he is an adult human who can a) check the time on his phone and b) buy himself a clock if he wants one. Since what he actually wants is the convenience of OP doing the job for him, which is unreasonable, he can get stuffed and sort the issue out himself.

NeutrinoWrangler Tue 16-Jun-20 08:51:03

I'm assuming he could tell you were also already awake? Still very odd of him to ask you, when it's no easier for you to look than for him to do so himself. I'd either stand my ground until he explains why you should look, when he won't... or pretend you were asleep and never heard him. grin You may just be delaying the inevitable standoff by choosing the latter, though.

Hohohole Tue 16-Jun-20 08:52:34

Seems to be a good choice.

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DestinationFkd Tue 16-Jun-20 09:01:22

What's with the adult human shit.
He's a man, you can type man. Your fingers won't drop off.

DocusDiplo Tue 16-Jun-20 09:02:56


TwentyViginti Tue 16-Jun-20 09:06:07

Does he ask you to do other things at other times he easily do himself?

TwentyViginti Tue 16-Jun-20 09:06:50

*Could easily do himself.

Samtsirch Tue 16-Jun-20 09:07:39

I often wake up in the night and panic about whether it’s nearly time to get up, or how long I have left until it’s time to get up, and I can’t get back to sleep unless I know.
I would make something up,ie midnight or something not too early and not too late.
If that doesn’t placate him, speak to him during the day time and explain it’s not on for him to disturb you, he needs to look at his own phone or clock.

LannieDuck Tue 16-Jun-20 09:10:37

What on earth is his reason for you needing to look up the time for him, when he can do it himself?

GinDrinker00 Tue 16-Jun-20 09:20:14

Get him a digital clock for his bedside. grin YANBU, that’d annoy me too espically when you’re falling asleep.

Hidingtonothing Tue 16-Jun-20 09:21:45

What would happen if you just said 'dunno' when he asks OP? Would he still sulk or would that be ok because at least you answered him? Just trying to work out whether it's the answer that matters to him or just that you respond in some way.

VettiyaIruken Tue 16-Jun-20 09:22:14

Reply no idea, check your phone.

Dollywilde Tue 16-Jun-20 09:24:53

I would caution against the Alexa. We have one in our room and I’m a sleeptalker... DH has been woken in the middle of the night with me setting it off rambling some crap at her blush

We have taken to turning it out of listen mode before sleep but it does still feel a bit weird.

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