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Attractions reopening?

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h2oh2o Tue 16-Jun-20 07:50:05

Lots of stuff is reopening and personally, as much as I'm desperate to go out and about, I feel it's much too soon. I do however understand that there are many factors that influence these decisions so accept that.

I live in Norfolk, where we have had no deaths from covid for 5 days, and the infection rate has been very low throughout.

I'm torn as there are things opening up across the country, zoos, national parks etc. My son would love them and he's missed out a lot. I think I've got used to being in a low risk area and am feeling slightly anxious.

I'm also BAME and recently found out my vitamin D levels are very low. So this is another worry.

Anyone else dealing with these kind of anxieties? I worry about everyone rushing to places like legoland and the zoo and infection rates going nuts... how do I find a balance?

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Angelonia Tue 16-Jun-20 07:57:15

I think the important thing to accept here is that we will all make different decisions based on our own risk assessments. Educate yourself about the facts and figures (eg no. of cases in your area) and then make a decision that you feel comfortable with and don't worry if it's a different decision compared to someone else. It sounds like you are relatively anxious about this, so maybe focus on attractions near you that are outdoors and have plenty of space for visitors (eg a national trust property), avoid the indoor / busy attractions for a few more weeks and see how things are going. Try to find the right balance between widening your son's experiences and doing something that you're not comfortable with. There's no right and wrong answer here - we will all handle it differently.

babybythesea Tue 16-Jun-20 08:00:56

I’m pleased zoos are open but my DH works in one and running out of money to feed animals was (and still is) a real risk.

Zoos have had a plan for a while. I can’t speak for anywhere else. DH’s zoo has the following in place:

Limit on numbers,
No tickets on the day to walk up and buy, only available online ahead of time.
One way route so everyone is moving in the same direction. Hopefully therefore less bunching of people who have arrived from different directions at the same time.
Volunteers at key points to help with the flow.
No indoor areas open, including reptile house, cafe, shop etc.
Food stalls dotted along the route with clearly marked queueing.

My hope is that it dilutes pressure on places, the more that are open. Instead of everyone going to the same pace because everywhere else is shut, people can start to be more spread out.

Fatted Tue 16-Jun-20 08:09:25

I recommend doing some reading around how the virus is believed to be transmitted and the risk of doing various activities. Also articles on the figures for actual confirmed cases and death rates and what the statistical chances of dying with it are, based on age, ethnicity, location etc.

megletthesecond Tue 16-Jun-20 08:14:15

It's the toilets that bothers me. We can take a packed lunch and stay outside. But we have to use the toilets.

ginsparkles Tue 16-Jun-20 08:16:12

I have been concerned that these places are opening up, but I can see the logic. It seems that everywhere opening currently is outside. With limited numbers the chances of you spending significant time in close contact is really low in these situations.

I think it needs to be longer before places with rides and indoor places like museums cinemas etc begin to open. And I certainly wont feel comfortable in busy indoor places for quite some time. I'll be avoiding indoor shopping centres etc.

Sirzy Tue 16-Jun-20 08:16:33

They are being done slowly and with a lot of restrictions in place. We are going to a safari park next week but won’t do the walking around bit probably. We will wait a few more weeks before we go to a zoo or anything.

These places need to start getting back to making some money and as long as they can show they are doing it sensibly and safety then great.

Pleasenodont Tue 16-Jun-20 08:23:37

I’m imagining they will follow the National Trust in only allowing a certain amount of people in at one time. The rest is heavily reliant on people keeping their distance.

Truthpact Tue 16-Jun-20 08:30:43

The zoos need to open soon or they will go under. They may still go under, it might be too late going on how much some have borrowed. But they need to try.

They are outdoor activities anyway for the most part. Can't see anything wrong with that.

I don't agree with a local pub opening soon though. They are getting enough money to survive, and yet are going to have outdoor tables only apparently. There's probably only enough room for about 4 tables it will never happen. The place will end up mobbed which is concerning.

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