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Should I send in....

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SJa11 Mon 15-Jun-20 16:52:24

I would like to gift the keyworkers in our school as they have worked exceptionally hard

What do you think?

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LadyFeliciaMontague Mon 15-Jun-20 17:05:27

Depends what you are sending them tbh.
Some homemade cakes-probably not.
Box of chocs-lovely.

TabbyMumz Mon 15-Jun-20 17:23:18

Are you their boss?

SJa11 Mon 15-Jun-20 18:54:41

Haha no but I have a great headteacher

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TabbyMumz Mon 15-Jun-20 19:03:45

Sorry, I'm still not fully understanding, are you a parent, or do you employ keyworkers (Ie teachers) in your school? Its just I've never been a fan of parents buying teachers gifts, I've always wondered if it's to curry favour for their child. These keyworkers are employed to work at the school I presume, so it is their job to work hard?

Ponoka7 Mon 15-Jun-20 19:07:50

Send in a good box of assorted biscuits. Or a few. Biscuits are always well received.

Don't buy gift type stuff. How much were you thinking of spending on how many staff?

WorraLiberty Mon 15-Jun-20 19:10:30

Are you asking whether you should buy a gift for school staff?

AlwaysCheddar Mon 15-Jun-20 19:19:53

Why have they been exceptionally good? Just interested.

GrannyBags Mon 15-Jun-20 19:24:44

Most people buy gifts for the teachers at the end of the year, when the child is moving to a different class so difficult to be currying favour?
My boss bought me flowers last week to say thanks for all the hard work I’ve done during the pandemic. I just saw it as a nice gesture of appreciation.

TabbyMumz Mon 15-Jun-20 19:32:56

"Most people buy gifts for the teachers at the end of the year, when the child is moving to a different class so difficult to be currying favour?"
It's actually quite common that people do it at Christmas time. Even if they do it at the end of year, teachers talk in the staff room and say what they got from whom and who are the "nice parents that got gifts". So it does curry favour.

SJa11 Mon 15-Jun-20 21:49:20

I am a parent. I only wanted to buy office staff some chocolates and a present for the Headteacher but I am asking to know if it looks a over the top.

She has supported me throughout her time at school specially this academic year, And just wanted to get her a gift at the same time this is where I would need to know if I am stepping over the mark as I always want to have a professional relationship with her.

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SJa11 Mon 15-Jun-20 21:49:46

I would give this end of year too

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TabbyMumz Tue 16-Jun-20 07:41:27

Personally, I think it's too much. How has she supported you if you are a parent? Seems a bit odd to me. And how can you have a professional relationship with her, if you are a parent? Parents dont have professional relationships with Heads, they have a parent /Head relationship, which is usually not much of a relationship at all. She has a school to run with lots and lots of children and parents.

ImInYourMindFuzz Tue 16-Jun-20 07:44:15

Honestly, people will find a nice gesture and want to shit all over it. OP, a box of chocs for the teachers would be well received I’m sure, they’re under a lot of stress at the moment and if you want to show your appreciation then a small token is a great way to do so.

LittleMissRedHat Tue 16-Jun-20 08:33:39

Just for the office staff and the headteacher? What about the teachers?

I think buying the headteacher something is a bit cringy if I'm honest, they are paid to support parents. A thank you card or email would be nice appreciation though, but a present feels a bit over the top.

Maybe a box of chocs or biscuits for the staff room might be nice...

TabbyMumz Tue 16-Jun-20 08:38:14

I just think present giving to teachers and Ht's and school staff is a bit cringy. And it snowballs, there are now schools where parents do whip rounds and teachers got grossly over the top presents. just not needed. Whatever happened to nice thankyou cards, written by the teachers.

TabbyMumz Tue 16-Jun-20 08:38:42

Written by the children that should be.

SJa11 Tue 16-Jun-20 10:16:33

Tabbymum, I totally understand. I have a child sen who suffered in the school before her arrival. As she got involved she supported him in all aspects of schooling. Applied for EHCPs Involved other professionals and instantly n improved his experience
His TA still continues through this time
Class teacher at home

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TabbyMumz Tue 16-Jun-20 10:23:47

Is most of that not her job though? I get that you are appreciative of her help, but the head before her should have done that too. It's part of their role. I still think giving them something from the child will be better.

Prettybluepigeons Tue 16-Jun-20 10:29:21

Tabbymumz. Give it a rest .

Sja11 , headteachers are having an absolute bastard of a time at the moment. I know ours hasn't had a weekend off since all this started. I think an email or card now telling her how much you appreciate her hard work would be a real boost.

I'd be wary about sending anything for staff to share as at my school, we're not allowed to share anything at all at the moment. Can't even use the kettle!

Yesmate Tue 16-Jun-20 10:33:26

I think it’s lovely. I have dropped a box of chocolates to school a couple of times during lockdown. Why not show appreciation. Saying you shouldn’t because it’s someone’s job is ridiculous, the people that say that are the same people that don’t tip or clean up after themselves in hotel rooms.

Backtoreality1 Tue 16-Jun-20 10:34:01

By all means give them a little treat....most key workers in schools are going above and beyond to cover hours and lessons for those on furlough or in isolation....a little thank-you would be much appreciated. However, I would tend to send something that is individually wrapped as a shared box of biscuits, for example, is not the best idea when trying to socially distance. I know your gift will give a real boost to those in place.

Backtoreality1 Tue 16-Jun-20 10:36:08

Also, its the NHS job to look after us when we are ill but we were all stood on our doorsteps clapping like lunatics every Thursday evening. A little appreciation is never out of place.

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