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Boris said to be reversing the potential rule on self ID

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Feedingthebirds1 Mon 15-Jun-20 13:20:16

First reported by the Sunday Times, who (mostly) get things like this right.

My best mate from university (briefly went out with 'him') has recently completed her transition (M to F) and she's never been happier. I'm thrilled for her. I have no problem with those who genuinely feel that they are in the wrong body, and that they are not comfortable with the social expectations placed on the body they were born with.

The self ID took it too far, because it was clearly open to abuse and the M to F transgender women I know (admittedly only three) completely get that. And didn't want to use women's changing rooms or loos until they were into their transition. So I do wonder if those who insist that they should be able to declare that they are female, with no other criteria, genuinely 'feel like a woman'. Because if they did, they would at least have more sympathy with the real concerns that women who were born that way have.

AIBU to think that Boris may have got one thing right?

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FTMF30 Mon 15-Jun-20 21:34:12

I agree. Self ID is a frightening concept.

jetsetter87 Mon 15-Jun-20 22:05:40

Good! I bloody well hope so. Terrified of the thought of women only spaces being open to all who just decide they are now a transwoman just because

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