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Lockdown is ending and we are off to the shops!!!!!! :)))))))))

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pigeon999 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:09:46

Yes we can book hair appointments, nail appointments and banish the roots in a matter of weeks. We can shop today!! We are counting down the days to hotels, restaurants and bars opening. We are breaking out.

We have turned a corner in England people!!

The lockdown is ending at long last - so what are you doing today?

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FourEyesGood Mon 15-Jun-20 08:10:37

Staying at home and working.

Melonportal Mon 15-Jun-20 08:11:41

Also staying at home and working. Same as I have been since lockdown started.

BigSandyBalls2015 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:11:50

Going for a walk

JamieLeeCurtains Mon 15-Jun-20 08:12:15

Also staying at home and trying to work while ill

Is2020OverYet Mon 15-Jun-20 08:12:20

I'm in Wales and shielding. So staying home, again.

Enjoy the shopping.

user1497207191 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:12:53

Going to work as normal, like I've been doing since day 1.

Ploppymoodypants Mon 15-Jun-20 08:13:13

Home schooling, going for a walk. Looking after toddler.
Watching and waiting to see what happens.
But I am over cautious, so I’m pleased for all the businesses and people who want to go out and about.
Stay safe everyone

MNnicknameforCVthreads Mon 15-Jun-20 08:13:53

Home schooling, working, exercising locally outdoors, as per most of the last 12 weeks.

thecatsthecats Mon 15-Jun-20 08:14:45

Might wander down to New Look after work.

But since it's a Monday - yup, working.

Chaotic45 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:15:09

Working, home schooling, socially distanced walk with friends later.

Thesunrising Mon 15-Jun-20 08:15:13

Staying at home, homeschooling. I’ve no intention of going inside a shop if I can buy what they sell online.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:16:00

Working today, but might have a venture to the shopping centre at the weekend.

megletthesecond Mon 15-Jun-20 08:16:21

Staying at home. Got to pick up a supermarket collection but I'll be in their car park in a mask.
I don't trust Johnson or Cummings to organise a piss up in a brewery.

Badassbreastfeeder85 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:16:22

Well it's Monday so I'll be going to work and my son will be going to school

chunkyrun Mon 15-Jun-20 08:16:29

Going to take my service user out for a walk! They've been inside the entire time. Mum and dad have agreed to a local walk every day.

pigeon999 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:17:06

What is a service user??

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Midsommar Mon 15-Jun-20 08:17:13

Working from home, like every other day since lockdown. Wish I had the luxury of being able to go out shopping all day.

formerbabe Mon 15-Jun-20 08:17:21

Busy today but definitely going tomorrow...I can't wait!!

Kahlua4me Mon 15-Jun-20 08:18:04

Home schooling, cleaning, walking the dog etc. Same as I’ve been doing the the last few months.

I am pleased that we seem to be going in the right direction and life is starting to move but I can’t think of anything worse than going shopping today!

pigeon999 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:18:36

The death rate was super low yesterday and even adjusting for the weekend we are definitely coming out of this. Have a good day whatever you are doing today

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lubeybooby Mon 15-Jun-20 08:18:45

staying at home, wfh

zero interest in queuing for hours at shops

HauntedGoatFart Mon 15-Jun-20 08:19:07

Working today, but I might even hit Westfield on Thursday when I'm on reduced hours. Ooer.

Ullupullu Mon 15-Jun-20 08:19:07

I'm glad for those who are going back to work but...

the virus is still out there. What are you thrilled about OP? I'd still be practising social distancing and only doing essential outings if I were you. And that's what I'm doing in fact

Treaclepie19 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:19:26

Staying home with my 4yo as I have done for the past few months because children aren't allowed to do anything still (or so it feels)

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