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To not be able to deal with 5 year old's meltdowm

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NotNTstillamazing Sun 14-Jun-20 22:28:16

DD is 5 with complex additional needs. She's always hard work and prone to extremely violent meltdowns.

I've currently just had to lock myself in the bathroom for the 2 minutes to type this and to breath to keep my cool. After her bath I have3 her clothing that was too itchy (massive sensory issues) sparked a meltdown. She's still going. Her 3 year old brother can't sleep through it. He is screaming tired now too.

Everyone is screaming.

She's worked up which has made the itchy ten times worse.

She is smashing our home and has absolutely trashed her room. She's 5 ffs. Aibu to not know how to deal with this right now without bursting into tears or losing my temper

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