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How much do people make from the MLM schemes?

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StunnerNotReally Sat 13-Jun-20 22:56:43

My facebook suddenly has loads of women doing these.
Body shop and Tropic and the perfume one.

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LindaLovesCake Sat 13-Jun-20 22:59:34


They buy all that stuff at the start for their ‘kit’ and that’s how the profit is made by the company,

AfterSchoolWorry Sat 13-Jun-20 23:00:24

Fuck all !

LindaLovesCake Sat 13-Jun-20 23:00:32

of the Multi-Level Millionaires: Ellie Undercover, Secrets of the Multi-Level Millionaires: Ellie Undercover: ink{ via @bbciplayer}

StunnerNotReally Sat 13-Jun-20 23:00:42

So what is the point of the "teams"?
I have a woman trying to get me to be part of her body shop term

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Sat 13-Jun-20 23:01:44

They probably earn a bonus for new sign ups.

isabellerossignol Sat 13-Jun-20 23:02:43

Pish all

Raella50 Sat 13-Jun-20 23:02:47

It’s a scam

LindaLovesCake Sat 13-Jun-20 23:02:48

Tell her you are boycotting the BS because of their Twitter gaff.

MLMs are pyramid schemes.

BigGee Sat 13-Jun-20 23:02:52

Nothing. A massive percentage, into the high 90s, lose money.

TheFormerPorpentiaScamander Sat 13-Jun-20 23:03:54

None. I probably spent more than I ever made. Actually I know I did because I never could access the money I made as I didnt have the right ID to verify my account hmm
Of course my 'uplines' and friends who also fell for the mlm bullshit told me I wasn't working hard enough.

KindKylie Sat 13-Jun-20 23:04:37

I am so fed up with these things. I am added to WhatsApp and Messenger and FB groups almost daily at the moment by really random person that I worked with for a while 10 years ago etc.

I can't see why I would suddenly need the items they're selling, nor how it makes them much money compared to the hours they must put in to badgering everyone with stupid raffles and photos of stock items etc.

Tropic, Scentsy, Younique, Usborne, Body Shop... They're all trying to recruit each other too which just seems barking - why saturate an already tiny market in a small geographical area?

StunnerNotReally Sat 13-Jun-20 23:08:11

Yeah I was thinking that. So she has recruited about 4 team mates already and we are basically all from the same town. So when someone joins your team from the same town,won't they just take some of your customers from the area?
I find it all so confusing

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LindaLovesCake Sat 13-Jun-20 23:12:32

The new team member will need product to demonstrate and will need products to use on herself so she knows how to talk about them to sell them. So she spends £150 on stuff she wouldn’t have done ordinarily. Then she gets her mam and her sister in law and three people at work to buy something to be supportive and then that’s it.

morriseysquif Sat 13-Jun-20 23:14:05

I earn quite a lot actually, when I make the effort but its not perfume or skincare.

BlackCatsRule88 Sat 13-Jun-20 23:16:12

The talented ladies club website has a number of good articles that spell out just how little the vast majority make and how rampant the lies within the MLM industry are. Building a team is mostly how they make money, often the products are secondary.

Mycatismadeofstringcheese Sat 13-Jun-20 23:17:03

This persons story about Younique and the tactics they use to part the people who sign up with their money is eye opening

BobbieDraper Sat 13-Jun-20 23:18:18


What do you make the most money from;
A) selling product to customers


B) from recruiting new salespeople/team members


HatRack Sat 13-Jun-20 23:20:02

Negative £200

RomaineCalm Sat 13-Jun-20 23:21:32

They earn thousands of pounds a week. Enough to drive a big Range Rover and buy designer stuff. This is made even better by the fact that they only need to work a few hours a week and can fit it in around school etc. Every so often they get the chance to jet off to an amazing conference full of motivational speakers and other equally successful business-people.

Or not.

blue25 Sat 13-Jun-20 23:22:05

It’s a load of bull. Don’t fall for it.

BuzzShitbagBobbly Sat 13-Jun-20 23:22:59

I was watching a show about landlords and dodgy tenants earlier.

One couple owed almost 10k in rent.

I actually scoffed out loud when I saw her in her <named MLM> fleece top, complete with motivational quote on the back.

No bloody wonder they couldn't afford the rent!

purpleme12 Sat 13-Jun-20 23:33:46

I'm not taken in by them but I do wonder how the car comes about if they're not making money from it? I'm a bit confused about it all

And this Arbonne thing. One of the people on Facebook I used to work with does it. It seems different to all the rest. But people on here still say it's an MLM and you don't make money from it?
What's all this about everyone being paid too go to America for a big conference thing? I don't get it

Menaimum Sat 13-Jun-20 23:46:14

@purpleme I knew an Arbonne sucker- they pay for those "conference" trips themselves- not from profits but it's part of their investment in "their business" as a boss lady.

AriettyHomily Sat 13-Jun-20 23:48:23

Fuck all.

Snooze the friends, reconnect when they come out the other side.

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