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To think there is a pain free epilator out there?

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Careybeary Sat 13-Jun-20 22:26:23

Does one exist? Only tried one before and my memory was that it was excruciating! That was in my teens so about 20 years ago, has the technology improved? Sick of shaving every day!

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Howzaboutye Sat 13-Jun-20 22:35:31

Yes actually
I use the LIDL IPL and then a modern epilator and it is working great

Bringonspring Sat 13-Jun-20 22:36:15


Howzaboutye Sat 13-Jun-20 22:39:30

Braun silk-epil
It has a nobbly gadget that sits over the epilating bit. It really works and its not actually sore. Bizarre but it works. Way better than the one I had in the early 2000s

GinWithASplashOfTonic Sat 13-Jun-20 22:39:35

Did lockdown need to happen in the summer. When my legs are actually on show. Forgotten how bloody awkward shaving is

Howzaboutye Sat 13-Jun-20 22:42:07

This is the IPL (if the link works)

Howzaboutye Sat 13-Jun-20 22:43:03

I don't mean that exact seller, just that's the IPL zapper

FineWordsForAPorcupine Sat 13-Jun-20 22:44:54

I don't think there's a truly pain free way of ripping out hairs unfortunately - but the more you do it, the more the hair root gets damaged and the less it hurts (can confirm - have been waxing/epilating for 25 years and now have whole patches on my legs that never grow back).

Do it in stages (a bit every few days) and have something to distract yourself with. Or do it when you're slightly drunk so you're a bit less sensitive smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 13-Jun-20 22:44:54

Newer ones are better than 20 years ago, they're quicker and can work on shorter hair.

Exfoliate to remove the dry skin.
Dry thoroughy .
Do something to take your mind off it (I watch TV or phone my DMum)
It prickles rather than hurts .There was one with a cill strip but I don't know if that makes any difference ?

And don't epilate just before you're due on, more sensitive.

I only use it on my legs though , not my armpits .

frostedviolets Sat 13-Jun-20 22:46:12

I have a silk epil.

Admittedly it’s an old one but it’s neither painless or particularly effective...

It does rip the hairs out but that grain of sand nonsense is utter bullshit, the hairs have to be noticeably long to get pulled cleanly and even then, it breaks a fair percentage of the hairs.

I still use it regularly because it’s free

PintOfBovril Sat 13-Jun-20 22:48:44

I have a silk epil as well and I no longer feel any pain doing my legs. Underarms are still excruciating though!

LavenderLilacTree Sat 13-Jun-20 22:57:46

Use an IPL!

Lucygucy Sat 13-Jun-20 23:01:16

Get one of the wet/dry ones. I found epilating in the shower much less painful than dry.

Powerlessstepmum Sat 13-Jun-20 23:01:57

I have a fairly new one but it still hurt the first time. I reckon after that it only hurts less because there are fewer hairs getting yanked out at once. Plus I now have ingrown hairs so I've just gone back to shaving. Nit infected ingrown hairs, just hairs about 5mm long just under the surface so I still look like I have hairy legs but they are impervious to both the epilatoerand the razor hmm

frostedviolets Sat 13-Jun-20 23:05:06

Plus I now have ingrown hairs
Yes mine gives me ingrowns as well.
I use those exfoliating gloves to scrub all areas I epilate daily which greatly reduces them 👍

Howzaboutye Sat 13-Jun-20 23:13:55

Palmer's AHA body cream sorts out ingrowing hairs. Best one.
A few days of putting it on, then have a scrub in the shower and bingo no more ingrowing hairs

Voice0fReason Sat 13-Jun-20 23:39:16

I have the silk epil. It took a few weeks for it not to hurt but after that is really is pain-free on legs (don't do anywhere else)
I love it. I do it every 1-2 weeks and that keeps my legs really smooth.

Badabingbadabum Sat 13-Jun-20 23:48:01

You honestly get used to it, and quite quickly. However, even after six years of not being at all bothered by my legs I have never wanted to try out my bikini line or underarms!

cakewench Sat 13-Jun-20 23:49:33

Another for IPL here. The home ones work great.

GreenTulips Sat 13-Jun-20 23:51:44

Philip lumea has great results

Suchan1d10t Sun 14-Jun-20 00:29:01

I second what others have said... get a Braun silk-epil I have one and it's great, I used to use the 'prickly thing' but don't even bother with it now, do legs and underarms and it's uncomfortable, but certainly not painful.

One tip though is get the most expensive one you can afford or definitely check how many tweezers are on it. My mum bought me my first, and when it packed up I bought a cheaper version and whilst it is good, it's not as good as the original one I had as it turns out the cheaper version I bought has much less tweezers to it. Ooh btw the ones with lights are good too, to pick up on where you've missed any hairs

Careybeary Sun 14-Jun-20 10:59:45

Wow all these comments have inspired me to try again!

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SolemnlySwear2010 Sun 14-Jun-20 11:06:41

I just bought the Philip's Lumea and cant believe the results! I am on my last session of the treatment plan, haven't shaved my legs (or anything else is two weeks) and I am only now getting stubble, but it's very patchy and mostly my body is smooth and hair free grin

GinWithASplashOfTonic Sun 14-Jun-20 13:35:20

Inspired by this thread! Been looking at the braun silks . But there's so many versions, all a bit daunting

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