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"UsforThem"; Get Schools Back to Normal campaign

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twomonkeys2 Sat 13-Jun-20 19:42:58

Just found this online and I think it's brilliant. Importantly, I think, it's not about a scientific debate - it is about a moral argument that we should not expose all schoolchildren to further harm by keeping them home without planning their return. AIBU to think this needs more attention??

There is a petition and Facebook page.

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HotStottie Sat 13-Jun-20 19:43:40

Can you link to fb page and petition

digbee Sat 13-Jun-20 19:46:32

Completely agree that the medical and epidemiological arguments are only half the story.

It's great to get the best scientific advice available, but the scientists are answering very narrow questions. We should be deciding public policy based on a much broader range of considerations.

Tyranttoddler Sat 13-Jun-20 19:47:01

As a teacher, I firmly believe we should be back by September. I will be absolutely gutted if blended learning goes on longer. So many young people and children need to be in school. Disclaimer that I'm not a scientist so obviously Im not commenting on how safe it would be for all children in the country to return.

Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Sat 13-Jun-20 19:47:48


Too tired to explain but it’s shocking what is happening to young people

notactuallylolling Sat 13-Jun-20 19:49:11

Found the link....

PinkyU Sat 13-Jun-20 19:52:39

You think that “all school children” are coming to harm from being at home, really “ALL school children”.

Tad hysterical.

SomewhereEast Sat 13-Jun-20 19:53:17

I signed their petition a while back and very much wish them well with this! By coincidence I was just reading about the Irish Dept of Education's primary school proposals for September, which was to treat each class as a bubble and then let the children within that class interact completely normally. It sounded perfectly sensible to me. Longterm 'blended' learning (or whatever the euphemism is) will massively widen inequality & screw women and single parent families.

JoyceByersWasRight Sat 13-Jun-20 19:55:31

Thank you for this OP, I have signed and will write to my MP.

My child's well being and education have suffered enough already. There is no time to lose with this dithering government.

PurpleMystery Sat 13-Jun-20 19:56:16

I totally agree with it. We need to look at our priorities as a country. It looks like pubs will be open before secondary schools. Disgusting!

Mistressiggi Sat 13-Jun-20 19:57:54

We are planning their return though, surely?
Worst case scenario - children back in school, a very small number of classmates and a larger number of staff suffer long term harm or even death. It's not without risk to go back.
The plans for bubbles etc won't be forever. The rest of the country(ies) aren't back to normal, why would schools be first?

nevernotstruggling Sat 13-Jun-20 19:58:47

Signed aldi

cantkeepawayforever Sat 13-Jun-20 20:01:01

I think the really difficult bit is balancing the obvious benefit to children from being in school with the equally obvious risk to the more vulnerable members of families and communities - so the diabetic parents, the parents who work with the elderly in care homes, the siblings with cystic fibrosis etc - as well as adults in school. All the research shows that spending long periods of time in crowded indoor spaces is a risk factor for spread, so unless / until research shows conclusively that younger people crowded closely into classrooms 6+ hours per day are NOT a risk factor for spread amongst themselves or two others, it's quite tricky.

I am hoping that a combination of really good research from limited openings - which I am hoping the powers that be are tracking data from rigorously - with a continued drop in community infection rates will mean that the risk / benefit balance is firmly in favour of normal school opening in September.

I know of no teachers who are not desperate to have their full classes in full time in terms of benefit to children, but I do know those who are pregnant, those who are vulnerable, those who are recoving from or about to undertake cancer treatment, those who are shielding or live with shielders and those who are carers for elderly relatives are nervous about the harm they could bring to others through teaching in crowded classes of 30+ with poor ventilation.

cantkeepawayforever Sat 13-Jun-20 20:02:20

Apologies for two = to typo.

Jkslays Sat 13-Jun-20 20:02:31

Signed and shared.

Drivingdownthe101 Sat 13-Jun-20 20:05:08

The rest of the country(ies) aren't back to normal, why would schools be first?

A lot of countries are campaigning for it though, just as we are are. For example majority of regions in Spain rejected a ‘part time learning’ approach from September and are campaigning for full time school for all pupils.

Mistressiggi Sat 13-Jun-20 20:07:44

Sorry I was meaning more that restaurants, offices, sports - all not back to normal.
I've no issue with people campaigning for what they want, I just don't agree with it.

Useruseruserusee Sat 13-Jun-20 20:09:15

I understand many people feel strongly about this but please don’t post about ALL school children. Mine have not been harmed by staying at home.

iamapixie Sat 13-Jun-20 20:10:39

You are right. This has never been a 'scientific' debate - whatever that means (what branch of 'science'?!). No political decision is ever based solely on science - and really, considering that we live in a society where it has been totally acceptable to flame "experts" for a number of years as an elite cabal, it's pretty shocking that so many now suddenly believe that we are following 'science'. Weighing up of pros and cons is the basis of any political decision.
It is absolutely vital that, as a society, we prioritise the young.

cantkeepawayforever Sat 13-Jun-20 20:14:37

It is absolutely vital that, as a society, we prioritise the young.


One of the ways in which we prioritise them should be enabling every class to consistently have their own healthy teacher in front of them, who is confident that the provision in place to ensure that they stay healthy and don't pass the virus on to loved ones or the vulnerable is robust.

Another way to prioritise them is to ensure that they are not unwittingly taking an infection home to the grandparent or vulnerable parent that they live with.

cantkeepawayforever Sat 13-Jun-20 20:17:57

At a personal level - medically vulnerable, older teacher - I am in school teaching a bubble of 15 children and am confident that the provision is in place to keep me healthy. That's why I am willing to be there, as also being a mother means that i want to prioritise my own children by ensuring that they keep two healthy parents if at all possible.

Would I be confident with my normal class size of 31-33 in the same room and with the same arrangements? No, not yet.

SusieOwl4 Sat 13-Jun-20 20:20:38


but the government are trying to open schools ? It was the unions and a lot of parents who objected? Plus every school has different requirements to try and be covid safe ?

the government gave parents for the first phased return a choice ? because every family has different levels of risk ?

what do you want the government to do ? send all pupils back ? no attempt at social distancing ? and no choice for parents ?

oh but that would be wrong as well .

flamingochill Sat 13-Jun-20 20:23:29

These campaigns are always worded with primary school kids in mind angry

Teenagers seem to be regularly forgotten by everyone. Even on here it's regularly trotted out that they should be able to do their own work and adults conveniently forgetting that hormones make it hard to talk about their feelings about lockdown etc

Young kids are happy to be with mum and dad but older kids suddenly had their support taken. Digital contact is better than nothing but teens want to hug, do things with their friends, kids and hug if they are dating... My kids can't truly bitch to their friends about what's troubling them as their siblings or I might overhear them.

Y11 and Y13 have estimated exam results. Some kids will lose out.

Y11 and y13 often having no contact from their schools.

No policy for getting Y10 and y12 back in school. Exams going on as planned apparently

Any plans about the university applying process? No Open Days makes it hard

Summer catchup teased this week but no details given to schools. Will this include secondary kids?

If the government had discussed return to school with the head teachers unions there wouldn't be dozens of updates needed.

SusieOwl4 Sat 13-Jun-20 20:24:01

I agree - one of my grandsons has been fine and home schooling well . the other one not so good.

I think its important that there is a choice taking into account other members of the family that are vunerable.

SusieOwl4 Sat 13-Jun-20 20:25:30


schools have been open for key workers ? and pubs are not open yet so not quite sure where your disgust comes from?

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