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Self catering in July - UK?

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Frume Sat 13-Jun-20 15:38:29

We are booked 18th July for 2 weeks in a self catering cottage in Dorset.

Has anything been said regarding self catering holidays?

What do you think the likelihood of this going ahead?

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clareykb Sat 13-Jun-20 15:39:42

My family own a holiday let and the company they rent it through have said they anticipate reopening mid July x

clareykb Sat 13-Jun-20 15:40:06

They key is anticipate though...

Spidey66 Sat 13-Jun-20 15:57:01

I own a holiday let in Cornwall and have suspended booking until the beginning of September. The logistics will be a nightmare.

I let the property out Saturday to Saturday, no short breaks, at least during the summer months. The housekeepers come in on Saturday to do the changeover. However due to the ongoing infection risk, they ate insisting on a 3 day gap after guests leave before they go in and clean. They are also saying they intend to do a deep clean instead of the standard one, which is obviously at a higher cost. The only realistic way I can implement this would be a week in between guests, so less guests but a higher rate for the cleaning costs.

I am also concerned that someone may develop symptoms while there meaning the whole party has to self isolate for up to 14 days, more if one of the party previously self isolating but symptomless then develops symptoms towards the end of the 14 day self isolation period. Who will pay? What about guests coming in after? And of course the housekeeping team will only come in 3 days after.

Unlike the rest of the country, Cornwalls rates are rising, there is a high number of older residents and only major hospital in the county.

After a great deal of thought I decided it was too much of a logistical and financial nightmare and have suspended bookings.

Other owners or companies may have different opinions. That's just mine.

Tbh while I love Cornwall to bits, I think it will be a nightmare this summer. Pubs and restaurants will have strict social distancing rules in place which will make it difficult to book, and theccqueues for shops and attractions will be a real pain in the arse.

vanillandhoney Sat 13-Jun-20 16:00:39

Local holiday lets are aiming to open mid July - I'm in Cumbria. I don't know if that's official at all but that seems to be what their social media posts are aiming towards.

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