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To ask where you store your pots and pans?

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SparrowInTheHedge Fri 12-Jun-20 23:39:41

I am on the verge of throwing mine out and living on microwave meals for the rest of eternity.

An enormous bloody kitchen cupboard is wasted on 2 frying pans and 3 pots and one tiny milk pan.

I only have a small kitchen so this feels like a monument waste of space.

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BackforGood Fri 12-Jun-20 23:47:09

In my pan drawer. Had it put in as part of my kitchen 16 years ago - a wide, deep drawer they all fit in.

Not that it helps you.

If you kitchen is small, would it work to have some hanging from butchers hooks from a pulley or bar down from the ceiling ?

Boulshired Fri 12-Jun-20 23:49:58

I have a stainless steel shelf as I hate pans in the cupboard. But my pans have to be nice as they are on show.

Justgorgeous Fri 12-Jun-20 23:57:42

Can you hang them somewhere?

TimeWastingButFun Fri 12-Jun-20 23:59:22

Frying/pancake pans etc hanging up in the alcove above the cooker and saucepans in a rack beside.

Megan2018 Sat 13-Jun-20 00:02:17

Pan rack on the ceiling

Couchbettato Sat 13-Jun-20 00:17:58

I have 3 saucepans which get used almost daily so they get washed, dried and put back on top of the hob. My frying pan and wok are in a cupboard on top of each other. It's not a cupboard specifically for them. I don't understand how any one could need a cupboard just for pots and pans.

Redleathertrousers Sat 13-Jun-20 00:22:01

Pan drawer

SparrowInTheHedge Sat 13-Jun-20 00:42:12

I like the hanging idea. I have a cast iron pan that lives on the hob permanently as it is.

The kitchen is a one sided galley, so really small, I'm not exaggerating. It's 3.5m long.

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Cheesesteak Sat 13-Jun-20 00:46:35

Not sure if anyone has mentioned them but Tefal do an ingenio range I think it's called, with one handle that fits all the pans so they all stack together nicely. Not sure on the quality of Tefal but might be worth a look.

Magickl Sat 13-Jun-20 00:56:34

I have the Tefal ingenio ones. They all nest inside each other and are great for my small kitchen.

I chose the induction ones because they felt heavier and they still look good two years on, the non-stick is unmarked.

I wash them by hand though, not dishwasher.

JKRowlingTransExplosion Sat 13-Jun-20 01:05:08

Hanging rack above the sink - I wash the pans and up they go. Made it myself by installing a sturdy shelf and fixing Ikea hook rails to the underside. Cheap as chips.

I keep the lids in a separate wall mounted lid rack. Only things in the cupboards is a few big stock pots and roasting dishes.

safariboot Sat 13-Jun-20 01:05:13

Stacked up in the cupboard. They take up most of the bottom shelf of a double unit, with the top shelf having the plates, bowls, and sieves. But then we have a kitchen that, while small, is not unreasonably so.

Hanging them seems like a recipe for the ones you rarely use getting coated in dust.

JKRowlingTransExplosion Sat 13-Jun-20 01:13:00

I just don’t have enough cupboard and drawer space. Besides I prefer them hanging - easier to grab without faffing around with a stack of pans, and less likely to get damaged. I also have all my utensils on hanging racks rather than in drawers. It’s much more convenient, and there isn’t much that doesn’t get used regularly so it all gets cleaned frequently enough.

Happymum12345 Sat 13-Jun-20 01:21:06

In a pan draw.

Time40 Sat 13-Jun-20 01:29:18

In the cupboard under the sink.

caringcarer Sat 13-Jun-20 01:29:32

My numerous saucepans, lids and frying pan live in the corner cupboard. Casterole dishes in bottom of wide pan drawer.

caringcarer Sat 13-Jun-20 01:30:36

Megan, I do like your pans hanging from ceiling.

DramaAlpaca Sat 13-Jun-20 01:32:02

In a cupboard under the gas hob. It's overflowing with them and I really need to reorganise it.

priya38 Sat 13-Jun-20 01:34:38

I've got a small kitchen and had a problem with pan storage. So what I've done is, on a small wall I hammered a nail in the wall for each pan and I hang the pans on the wall (the pan handle has a hole) and It actually looks quite nice too.

If I wasn't in bed I would have taken a picture but I'm too lazy to get up.

SparrowInTheHedge Sat 13-Jun-20 01:35:44


Not sure if anyone has mentioned them but Tefal do an ingenio range I think it's called, with one handle that fits all the pans so they all stack together nicely.

Is it literally one handle? What if you need to cook multiple things? Excuse my did questions.

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SparrowInTheHedge Sat 13-Jun-20 01:54:57

Stupid* questions that should be...

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thetrolleywitch Sat 13-Jun-20 02:10:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

funinthesun19 Sat 13-Jun-20 02:15:33

Just in a simple kitchen cupboard all stacked up.

Waveysnail Sat 13-Jun-20 04:26:48

Pan draw with pans stacked

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