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To ask how we will know when we are officially not in lockdown?

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Coffeebiscuitsrepeat Fri 12-Jun-20 14:28:22

I'm just so confused now. It doesn't feel like we are in "Lockdown" any more, with so many restrictions being lifted, yet apparently we still are! What do you all think it will take for the end of lockdown? Just to add that I am abiding by every rule still. I'm just genuinely confused as to how the term is being used and what it will take for us to officially come out of it.

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Flippetydip Fri 12-Jun-20 14:33:30

Schools back as normal, everything open, "allowed" to visit family and friends in their houses.

What restrictions do you see have been lifted that make life so normal? It feels very far from normality in our household still with two school aged children not at school.

Coffeebiscuitsrepeat Fri 12-Jun-20 14:36:12

I don't mean that everything is back to normal by any stretch! I just feel like lockdown to me symbolises something a lot more rigid, such as what we had at the start (staying in homes, no visits to gardens etc), if that makes sense!

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vanillandhoney Fri 12-Jun-20 14:37:36

I'm just so confused now. It doesn't feel like we are in "Lockdown" any more, with so many restrictions being lifted, yet apparently we still are!

Well, of course we're still in lockdown - albeit a slightly eased version. I mean, we can't go on holiday, can't go to restaurants, cafes or pubs. We can't go shopping. We still have to socially distance. Children still can't go to school and lots of people still can't go to work.

We can't go back to normal until children can attend school full-time, as part-time schooling means there needs to be a parent at home the rest of the time.

Butterfly3105 Fri 12-Jun-20 15:12:44

Well from July 4 Cafes Pubs and Restaurants will be open (apparently) Non- essential shops will be open from Monday 15th June so it might be more normal by July, then it’ll be schools and back to full time work ..

Wondergirl100 Fri 12-Jun-20 15:17:44

In what way do you feel we are NOT in lockdown? Yes I would agree it is relaxed - as now we can meet friends and children can see their own friends (it's fairly impossible to impose social distancing on them but we can try)

However - life is absolutely not normal.

No pubs, restaurants, no live music, the entire festival industry shut down - no large events, no football no live sport no crowds.

I can't stay overnight anywhere, I can't invite people into my home to eat or visit - my office (large well known company) has said they are not opening until the end of the year!

So I will be stuck at home - two young children - we have them at school 2 days a week, they are anxious, in a mess, not behaving normally - there is no normal routine, they can't go near their friends.

My family are in Scotland, I can't visit them or stay there - who knows when I'll see them?

People can't date, kiss strangers (by the rules) - the 2m rule means pubs are unlikely to all reopen.

There is such hysteria about 'too much loosening' - my kids life is completely different! And as adults, we are all mostly at home aren't we?

life is very

sirfredfredgeorge Fri 12-Jun-20 15:22:25

lockdown was just a really stupid name, all of the communication has been terrible, as much by the media as the government communication departments. There was never an actual lockdown, there have just been various levels of restrictions and varying levels of advice wider than the actual restrictions. We are still heavily restricted - indeed the laws themselves are barely changed from their most restrictive.

The end of lockdown will be when there are no legal restrictions.

SingingGoldfinch Fri 12-Jun-20 15:22:31

There won't be a flick of a switch moment when lockdown is over and life is back to normal. Restrictions are being eased gradually in line with the infection rate etc and even then things will very different - i.e. queuing to get into shops etc even when they do open on Monday. It might be that certain things are 'locked-down' much longer term even when other things have returned to something resembling normal. There might be local lockdowns in the future too. It's a sliding scale - not as simple as locked-down or unlocked.

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