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Help please! Meat thermometer says roast beef is only 49 degrees? What do I do?

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AbsentmindedWoman Thu 11-Jun-20 20:37:30

Can I shove back in oven? Reading it needs to be 63 to be safe??

FFS! Was being so careful not to overcook it's half raw sad

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mrwalkensir Thu 11-Jun-20 20:38:48

what joint is it?

mrwalkensir Thu 11-Jun-20 20:39:19

sorry - just saw beef smile should be fine

Patsypie Thu 11-Jun-20 20:39:25

Just put it back in for longer

AbsentmindedWoman Thu 11-Jun-20 20:40:50

It's beef silverside. I don't want it tough but don't want to poison myself!

How much longer should I cook it do you reckon?

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MrsTerryPratchett Thu 11-Jun-20 20:42:58

You won't poison yourself with beef.

YeahWhatevver Thu 11-Jun-20 20:45:11

At 49 it'll be very rare

AbsentmindedWoman Thu 11-Jun-20 20:46:08

So would you put it back in for 10 minutes?

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mrwalkensir Thu 11-Jun-20 20:47:19

can just blast the outside off in a frying pan to get some caramelisation. We've taken to sous-viding cheap beef joints (so around 53-54 degrees for a long time) then frying off the outside - makes even cheaper joints delicious. Obvs initial outlay on the sous vide stick....

Nottherealslimshady Thu 11-Jun-20 20:47:50

Its beef it's fine. It's pork and chicken that need to be cooked through. That's why you can have rare beef but not rare pork. It just might be more rare than you'd prefer

FelicityBeedle Thu 11-Jun-20 20:49:02

@mrwalkensir Sorry to hijack, which sous vide stick do you have? Is it good?

IncognitoIsMyFavouriteWord Thu 11-Jun-20 20:49:43

You can eat steak blue. Just sealed on both sides. It won't do you any harm.

Zoomintheroom Thu 11-Jun-20 20:53:01

That will be perfect - lovely and rare. I'd take it out and let it rest. The temperature will continue to rise a few degrees. You won't be ill!

AbsentmindedWoman Thu 11-Jun-20 21:12:02

Well, I popped it back in for 10 mins and now it's 57 degrees.

@mrwalkensir I seared it for a few minutes in a skillet before the oven in an attempt to seal the juices a bit.

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mrwalkensir Thu 11-Jun-20 21:12:48

Son gave us an Anova a few years back. Very straightforward. Tend to use it mainly for beef and pulled pork. By making cooking cheaper beef so good (salt the joint overnight beforehand etc) it's well worth the money. Various different levels out there now eg can be remotely controlled - picked up one for brother in law on a deal last year. Nice thing is just need a ziplock bag and a big enough tub/saucepan/bucket (and maybe bubblewrap/towels for insulation if it's cold)

AbsentmindedWoman Thu 11-Jun-20 21:48:42

Well, it was tough and very pink and bloody. Tasted good and didn't dry out, but disappointed because the big chunk left won't make good leftovers.

Going to try slow cooking the other half in the freezer next time.

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k1233 Thu 11-Jun-20 21:57:35

Silverside roasted is tough. Roasting beef is about 45-55 mins per kg at 200c for medium (ie not rare / well done). Silverside is better slow cooked.

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