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To ask what your ovarian cyst felt like

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Louise000000 Thu 11-Jun-20 13:23:46

I've had a niggley achy, pinchy pain on my lower right side for about 3 weeks now. It comes and goes and is not severe.
Had urine checked, now going back tomo for blood test and being sent for an ultrasound
If you have experienced an ovarian cyst is this what it felt like? No other symptoms,
I had my appendix out at 12 but the pain is just like that, in the way that its more annoying than sore and it comes and goes

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Brefugee Thu 11-Jun-20 13:40:23

it felt like a stabbing pain that went down into the skin of my vulva and i couldn't stand up straight. It was, frankly the most painful thing I've had outside of childbirth.
My doc told me that they could either remove them (turned out to be several) or they could keep me in hospital on pain meds until it subsided - but that it would come back.

But it was absolute agony.

Louise000000 Thu 11-Jun-20 13:41:28

Thanks for sharing. I'm def not in agony. Did you get the op to remove them then?

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Amixedbunch Thu 11-Jun-20 13:42:26

I had an 8cm cyst on my ovary that was only discovered on a pregnancy scan never felt a thing , I did have to have it removed though

London91 Thu 11-Jun-20 13:44:13

I had agonising stomach and back pain. I thought I had a kidney infection, so had an ultrasound and they found a large dermoid cyst measuring 9cm. As it was large I had surgery within 8 weeks.

Emmapeeler1 Thu 11-Jun-20 13:44:30

Mine was also agony but partly because it had twisted or ruptured. You can have them with no symptoms though. Depends what type.

Brefugee Thu 11-Jun-20 13:45:29

Yes. (I'm not in the UK which may make a difference)
I went to the out of hours doctor (it was about 7am) and they sent me to the A&E who did ultrasounds and one of the nurses said how about OB/GYN. So they sent me to them with a note "possible ovarian cyst?". The OB/GYN had a laugh at that because apparently there were several (he knew as soon as he saw the way i was presenting my pain, if you see what i mean, what it was as soon as he saw me but did a scan anyway). He told me the two options and i opted for immediate surgery.

General anasthetic, but keyhole type surgery. I was in hospital a few days (but that's typical for Germany - UK may be different).

I had had them before but basically took painkillers - and i haven't had any since (it was about 7 years ago)

atgnat Thu 11-Jun-20 13:46:06

I used to get a dull nagging pain in my groin on the side of the ovary the cyst was eventually found on. I also had skipped periods. I also had episodes of severe pain in my side, but I've been told those were due to the fact the cyst had wrapped around my fallopian tube.

Elouera Thu 11-Jun-20 13:53:17

I had a 5cm cyst on an ovary, and had no idea at all- no pain, twinges, bleeding etc. It was only discovered during a scan for a completely different reason, and wasn't there on one I'd only had 2mths beforehand. I had a follow-up scan 6weeks later, and it was completely gone!

After that time though, I started to develop a pain on that side, from ovulation through to AF. Twinges, pulling and just an ache from time to time. It wasn't severe and I assumed it might have been related to the now gone cyst. I had scans due to infertility, which then showed an endometrioma within that ovary! Its a tiny patch of endometriosis!!! I've always had regular periods, no period pain until this achy pain and never had any signs or evidence of endometriosis. In fact, I was unaware if can just magically occur later in life (I was 40 when it was 1st found).

Not saying its that, but could be a possibility, and was the last thing I'd considered.

Mauhea Thu 11-Jun-20 13:57:02

I didn't really feel mine - it was a dermoid cyst measuring 18cm. Doctors said I'd likely had it for years so probably got used to it. Occasionally I would have a sharp stabbing pain in my side that made me freeze and stopped me from straightening up but that would pass quite quickly. Lying on my front it felt like I had accidentally rolled on top of the TV remote. Bending forward to tie my shoelaces made it hard to breathe. There was a noticeable bulge in my belly lying on my back. When it was removed the tube had just started to twist so I was very lucky there.

Louise000000 Thu 11-Jun-20 13:57:25

The pain was quite sore the first day of my period this month then it went away. Then it came back again as achy.

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Toomanycats99 Thu 11-Jun-20 13:59:33

I had an achy type pain by hip bone on right side last year. I had an ultrasound which revealed nothing of concern. I did have a lot going on at the time and I wonder if some of it was anxiety based.

AmericanAdventure Thu 11-Jun-20 14:03:57

Only knew about mine when i had irregular bleeding. It was the size of a grapefruit and had to be removed. Whilst they were there they discovered I had endometriosis.

Nat6999 Thu 11-Jun-20 14:19:01

Mine was a dull ache most of the time other than around ovulation when it was agony, was referred for a scan then had laparoscopic op to remove it, my ovary & both my tubes, went in at teatime, theatre at 7.00pm, back in bed by 8.30pm & home by 10.00pm. All done at local private hospital on NHS choices.

Elouera Thu 11-Jun-20 14:20:15

Another thought could be fibroids. They are more common in fertile women in later 30's/early 40's, overweight, black background- but can affect anyone. I too have these, but never knew until I had a scan in my 1st pregnancy. The only time I felt aches was fluctuating hormones from pregnancy, MC and sometimes from regular cycles.

Purplemist Thu 11-Jun-20 14:24:40

I had been on a diet and lost a stone but my stomach was still enormous. Then I had twinges of pain and a feeling that my insides were moving in waves. Then the pain got so bad that I had to take time off and go to the GP who kept asking if I was sure I wasn't pregnant.
Had an ultrasound that showed a cyst the size of a rugby ball.
I had to have a hysterectomy which to be honest I was not unhappy about as periods were heavy by this point. Turns out I had fibroids as well.

Neron Thu 11-Jun-20 14:27:14

My experience (I have a few), is hardly any symptoms. My 2 sister's however, are in agony. The youngest has been hospitalised several times. When they burst she passes out/vomits/sweats with the pain

custardbear Thu 11-Jun-20 14:29:25

Mine was around 22cm at its longest and they took litres of 🤢 out of it before I could have it removed - all done in open surgery as too big for keyhole
I didn't know I had it, found on a routine pregnancy scan - though they ended up in m/c and they realised then how large the cyst after investigating further with US was so they sent me to theatre the next mornjng.
I did used ti feel bloated and found it a bit uncomfortable to lay on my tummy - but boy I felt thin when it was removed 😂 (it was about the size of a 6 month foetus )

BMWL Thu 11-Jun-20 14:31:05

I didn't know I had one, and it ruptured. Had no pain at all, until bam, sudden onset of pain in the right pelvis. Horrendously vomiting and sweating. They initially thought it was my appendix, but wasn't. They drained the fluid from the cyst under an operation and I haven't had any since. Must have been a once off x

paap1975 Thu 11-Jun-20 14:32:31

Mine felt like severe ovulation pain (only useful if you've had ovulation pain). They waited to see if it would go away on its own but it didn't, so I had surgery. Mine was large, so it could at any moment have caused the ovary to twist round and become and emergency. I was told it would be perfectly obvious if it twistd as the pain would be awful.

awesomeaircraft Thu 11-Jun-20 14:38:40

Watching. Have the same symptoms since early March. Not seen due to CV19. GP did order a FIT test (tool test - which came back clear) and IBS medicine. I am waiting for GP to begin seeing people again.

Rainbunny Thu 11-Jun-20 14:39:28

I developed a 10cm ovarian cyst during a round of IVF (which meant stopping the IVF until it was resolved). I honestly felt nothing and it went away by itself. If not for the ultrasound I would never have known I had it.

Louise000000 Thu 11-Jun-20 15:36:38

Yes mine is exactly like ovulation pain

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fudgesmummy Thu 11-Jun-20 15:37:12

Emmm, no symptoms what so ever, only knew I had one when it was picked up on an MRI scan for an unrelated problem.
5 weeks after receiving the results I had major surgery. I had a complete hysterectomy, my appendix removed and a hernia repaired.
Oh, and an ovarian cyst removed which weighed 50lb......😮😆

Nat6999 Thu 11-Jun-20 15:47:20

My mum had one when I was young, she had been in agony for about a year, been told it was a grumbling appendix, then kidney stones. She was finally admitted as an emergency, it was the size of a large watermelon, it had twisted, her ovary & tube were dead as the blood supply had been cut off.

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