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To think as soon as they have things to promote again, they will revert back to the usual?

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ChilliCheese123 Thu 11-Jun-20 10:33:40

Just thinking this morning as I scrolled Instagram and Twitter, I follow quite a few actors and influencers. They are all quite rightly expressing their views around the BLM movement, sharing funds they’ve donated to and encouraging Followers to donate, sharing monologues of them reciting poems written by black authors or extracts from books, getting emotional when doing so. These are mainly white or non-black people. They are also mixing in amongst it quite a few trans or JK Rowling related things, and a lot are sharing links to donate to trans POC who have gofundme accounts to enable them do various things. I’ve never seen these people discuss these issues before. Of course this doesn’t mean that they haven’t been supportive of these issues, it just might not have fitted with their Instagram vibe, perhaps. AIBU to think that as soon as the world comes out of the pandemic and they start filming, getting new promotion campaigns, have shows and films to promote, they will revert to promoting themselves ? And to think there’s a sort of completion amongst ‘famouses’ to be the ‘best activist’? I’ve already seen this morning just a few of them in their Instagram stories just slotting a selfie or a sponsored item or something amongst the other stuff. To be clear I’m not talking really about BAME people I follow, most of whom post about race issues from time to time anyway, but those who seem to have just got involved since the end of May.

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