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To fancy Jonny from Friday Night Dinner?

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Iamnotminterested Wed 10-Jun-20 20:30:12

Discovered this series late (by several years), but I totally would.

Anyone else?

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mcdog Wed 10-Jun-20 20:30:38

Ummmm...nope grin

19lottie82 Wed 10-Jun-20 20:32:04

I think I would too

MrsRogerLima Wed 10-Jun-20 20:34:12

He is a complete twat so YADBU

dancinginthemoonlight77 Wed 10-Jun-20 20:34:42

I would!

StressyMcStressFace Wed 10-Jun-20 20:35:08

Which one's Johnny? The next door neighbour? grin

Iamnotminterested Wed 10-Jun-20 20:35:20

But one does not shag a personality.

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Iamnotminterested Wed 10-Jun-20 20:36:21

Jonny is the taller son.

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Hoppinggreen Wed 10-Jun-20 20:38:02

My DD fancies him

Hedgehog44 Wed 10-Jun-20 20:38:46

Hmmmm I prefer Puss Face

Davros Wed 10-Jun-20 20:38:52

Watch Plebs to see him in a toga

Iamnotminterested Wed 10-Jun-20 20:41:39


Will have a gander

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backseatcookers Wed 10-Jun-20 20:44:04


qwertyuiop098 Wed 10-Jun-20 21:17:47

Yes I agree. The faces he makes while someone else is the focus of the scene are hilarious.

hopingtobedally Wed 10-Jun-20 21:18:52

I would never have guessed he was Jim Rosenthals son....but I can't unsee it now

PumbaasCucumbas Wed 10-Jun-20 21:18:55

He crops up on horrible histories too

hopingtobedally Wed 10-Jun-20 21:21:33

I would totally have been his older boss who was bonking him 😂

PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 10-Jun-20 21:25:29

Yabu.Id much rather have Wilson r.i.p

PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 10-Jun-20 21:26:09

joking obviously

ASimpleLampoon Wed 10-Jun-20 21:43:52

I think both Jonnyboo and Bobble are cute Lol

Harveypuss Wed 10-Jun-20 21:47:17

Yes, I would too! grin

TeaAndBisquits Wed 10-Jun-20 21:53:43

Yes! Secret hottie!

likeafishneedsabike Wed 10-Jun-20 22:25:20

He was on a survival programme with Bear Grylls and came across as a really decent human.

Jumpjumpjumper Wed 10-Jun-20 22:37:36

Watching Plebs now.... He's a bit skinny for me.

I have a "wrong" crush.... Robert Lindsay. He's about 30 years older than me, but 😍

So I don't mind at all that my eldest is spending evenings watching all the old My Family episodes!

MrsRogerLima Thu 11-Jun-20 16:24:51

Speak for yourself OP

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