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What have you eaten today?

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PLbee29 Wed 10-Jun-20 16:32:38

Me -

Fibre one bar
A Babybel and a piece of ham
Jacket potato with spaghetti hoops and and cheese
A Time Out wafer bar and a couple of rich tea fingers
A banana

I have sausage casserole with bread for dinner.

I'm nosey and interested in other people's eating habits grin

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UnfinishedSymphon Wed 10-Jun-20 16:35:32

Breakfast was a bowl of porridge, skinny latte, 2 poached eggs on toast. Lunch was a chicken breast and egg salad wrap, Greek yogurt, banana and honey. Dinner is lamb shank, mashed potatoes, cabbage, leeks and peas.

Might have a 2 finger Kit Kat if I fancy it later

YeahWhatevver Wed 10-Jun-20 16:40:33

Bowl of cereal (3x the standard portion which wouldn't feed a mouse)

Can of lentil and bacon soup

Hungry for tea now

HostessTrolley Wed 10-Jun-20 16:43:12

Breakfast was yogurt and blueberries.

Mid morning a pack of mini chocolate rice cakes

Lunch was Spanish chicken soup with p/b bread

Mid afternoon a small bag of salted popcorn

Dinner is chicken stir fry with loads of veg and noodles.

Evening snack is fruit salad maybe with some plain yogurt.

I’m wfh and trying to lose weight, I find that if I plan in healthy snacks I don’t go scavenging in the fridge and eat crisps with houmous or whatever

Skyliner001 Wed 10-Jun-20 16:43:38

Breakfast: One slice of toast with butter.

Lunch: Small bowl of left over pasta, with tomato based sauce.

Snack: Salt and vinegar rice cake.

For dinner, will be having salad patatoes, grilled fish and salad.

Later possibly some Pringles as a snack, or some dairy milk.

AtLeastThreeDrinks Wed 10-Jun-20 16:44:02

Cheese and marmite toastie
Pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes, spinach and feta for lunch
Mini cheddars
Fish & chips for tea…

I usually eat more fruit and veg, I swear. Today is a beige day. I'll have mushy peas to up my quota.

YeahJackie Wed 10-Jun-20 16:44:57

One mocha coffee. One failed carrot cupcake.

Cbeebiesismyworld Wed 10-Jun-20 16:45:03

2 x toast and marmalade
Cheese sandwich and orange and cacao bar
A million coffees
No idea what’s for dinner, I’m working til late.

PLbee29 Wed 10-Jun-20 16:45:34

@AtLeastThreeDrinks a cheese and
Marmite toastie sounds amazing, I'm going to have to try that!

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Sadbridetobe Wed 10-Jun-20 16:46:20

Cornflakes with milk
Homemade butternut squash soup
A small bag of Butterkist sweet popcorn

For tea I’m having chilli and will have a Freddo and a Malteser ice lolly later.

Sugartitss Wed 10-Jun-20 16:46:43

Nothing yet!

iklboo Wed 10-Jun-20 16:48:02

A piece of 50/50 toast with peanut butter. Been a very stressful day.

SconNotScone Wed 10-Jun-20 16:48:28

Breakfast was some low fat Greek yoghurt with a bit of granola and some mixed nuts/dried fruit.

Lunch was an Itsu rice noodle pot (posh pot noodle!) with a boiled egg and three Itsu veggie gyoza.

Snacked on some grapes this afternoon.

Dinner is roast chicken, not doing a proper roast though, I will probably serve it with coleslaw, salad, couscous or something like that. Need to decide soon really!!

spinthebottle Wed 10-Jun-20 16:48:29

I’ve only had 2 pieces of chicken today 😳. I’ve not felt hungry, but tbf im very stressed lately.

Currently cooking a beef stew so I’ll have a massive portion with Yorkshire puds.

cheermeupifyoucan Wed 10-Jun-20 16:48:50

2 homemade pancakes for breakfast with a cup of tea for breakfast

3 small oatcakes and cheese plus carrot sticks and hummus for lunch

Slice of homemade chocolate orange cake for a snack

Meant to be having a chicken curry for dinner but I feel stuffed.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and really should have eaten some fruit today blush

AtLeastThreeDrinks Wed 10-Jun-20 16:51:35

Ooh yes do @PLbee29, I was actually inspired by the life-hacks thread –someone said they melt cheese in the microwave for a faster and less messy toastie and they were right!

BiblioX Wed 10-Jun-20 16:51:44

Oatbran pancake, scrambled eggs with pepper, stewed rhubarb & Greek yoghurt and later I’m having vegetable chilli.

Lostinbooksandcoffee Wed 10-Jun-20 16:52:51

B: peanut butter on toast, coffee, orange juice

L: cheese & pickle roll, mixed salad. Half a banana (DD stole the rest)

S: coffee and a chocolate biscuit

D: having spaghetti + lentil Bolognese, with a much needed large glass of wine. Yogurt for pudding.

Starbuggy Wed 10-Jun-20 16:53:20

Breakfast was 2 weetabix and skimmed milk
Lunch crustless quiche and salad (no dressing because I don’t like it) and a couple of chocolate hobnobs
Dinner will be sausages, some kind of potato and mixed veg

jomaIone Wed 10-Jun-20 16:54:48

B - Coffee with milk, the crusts off my daughter's toast with extra butter

L - 2x soft boiled eggs, 1x granary toast with butter and marmite, a nectarine

S - strawberries

D - Stir fry beef and veg, rice

S - 2x Border chocolate crumbles with tea

Doing WW at the moment so those crusts with tonnes of butter were a desperate snack hahah

Iloveappleproducts Wed 10-Jun-20 16:56:05

Ham on home made roll ( not made by me!)
Will have chicken breast new potatoes and salad at 6

Mama1980 Wed 10-Jun-20 16:56:41

Mango and black tea for breakfast
Vegan version of Caesar salad for lunch
We will have, Black bean soup with granary bread for dinner.
Apple, oranges and blueberries for dessert

FrankieDoyle Wed 10-Jun-20 16:57:21

Porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter

Jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn

3 coffees and 2 teas

Dinner is pesto linguine and probably some biscuits

TheRealShatParp Wed 10-Jun-20 16:59:32

Breakfast - rolled outs with milk, cinnamon, berries and banana.

Lunch - a ham salad wrap with some olives, carrot and cucumber

Snack - lemon and blueberry Graze bar

Dinner - still working on that smile

maybelou Wed 10-Jun-20 17:00:00

I had an oat bar for breakfast this morning and for lunch a bagel with cream cheese and an apple. Dinner tonight is going to be veggie katsu curry 😁

And ofc plenty of coffee through the day!!

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