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To think British police should stop abusing peaceful protestors?

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TheEmpressMatilda Wed 10-Jun-20 16:16:08

Yesterday's protest saw hundreds of peaceful protestors (some of whom were elderly, pregnant, or disabled) being kettled until 2.30am and denied access to water, toilets, and medical treatment. Examples of abuse include:

Women (including pregnant women) being forced to pee in their clothes after being denied access to toilets for many hours.

Women being forced to remove their clothes and underwear and expose their genitals and naked bottoms to male police officers, in order to urinate without soiling their clothes (and being trapped in urine-soaked clothes for hours) after being denied access to toilets for many hours.

Elderly people and pregnant women collapsing from dehydration after being refused access to water for many hours.

White male protestors being allowed to leave after falsely claiming not to be protestors, while a Deliveroo driver who was not involved in the protest (and provided proof to police that he was delivering food to that street and was not involved in the protest) was forced inside the kettle and not allowed to leave.

People in severe medical emergency were denied access to medical treatment.

NHS staff were falsely detained and prevented from attending their hospital shifts (thus denying care to innocent people who did not attend any protests).

Police behaviour contributes to the spread of COVID.

False detention of peaceful protestors.

There are loads of MN threads claiming the actions of a few individuals (some of whom have an agenda to disrupt and discredit the BLM movement and the protests) who have behaved badly means no one should protest. How BLM protestors are “scum” “virtue signalling idiots” and “violent thugs.” But none on the police using abusive tactics, hurting people, contributing to the spread of COVID, and further sowing discord and creating the feeling that the police are a force for harm and not to be trusted to protect vulnerable people.

Examples from the US explaining why kettling is an abuse tactic:

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