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To ask how I log out of Mums net browser?

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CrazyDaisy500 Wed 10-Jun-20 14:03:04

I've been a long time lurker and finally signed up to Mumsnet today! I wanted to post on a highly emotive topic that I felt strongly about but I changed my mind as I'm a bit afraid really! Now my problem is I can't sign out, it's the browser not the App and there is no log out option on screen. I'm not techy as you've probably guessed by now!

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CrazyDaisy500 Wed 10-Jun-20 14:07:25

Not sure if I clicked the box 'keep me logged in' so that could be why? How do I unclick it?

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Tiari Wed 10-Jun-20 14:31:24

Why not just stay logged in? I do and I'm not techy either so it's easier smile

TerrapinStation Wed 10-Jun-20 14:33:54

You need to click on "my mumsnet" top right for the logout button

Custardcreamies101 Wed 10-Jun-20 14:35:30

I never log out

user50000000 Wed 10-Jun-20 14:39:08

Click My Mumsnet. The log out option is on there.

TerrapinStation Wed 10-Jun-20 14:43:02


I never log out

How is that helpful grinconfusedgrin

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