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To take DS out of nursery ?

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slothingit Wed 10-Jun-20 06:07:34

DS nearly four goes to a nursery attached to his sisters school. He (hopefully!) starts reception there in September, which he seems v excited about. He started nursery about a year ago. Settled well although had a couple of issues with some children he said were being mean to him. We raised it and issue seemed to settle and he built a nice group of friends. His class has been split into two bubbles, and whilst I am sure that this wasn't easy practically, he is in a group with none of his friends and no one who is starting school their in September, but all of the kids we raised issues about. He has been back ten days is very sad about this, tells me he has no one to play with etc. He only has 3 and a half weeks left to the end of term so I am thinking I will just take him out now as I am a SAHM. I feel really sad about this as I wanted him to have a positive end to nursery, but he's started mentioning his friends in the other bubble who he can see but not play with. Nursery keep telling me he is doing fine. Am I overreacting ? He has a tendency to say he doesn't want to do things (such as go to nursery) but is fine when he's doing it.

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covidco Wed 10-Jun-20 06:17:30

Take him out. You don't need the child care and he isn't enjoying it. No reason to keep him in.

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