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Who is BU?

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StormzyInaDCup Wed 10-Jun-20 02:15:05

Hi all,

I'm hoping you can help settle a debate.

My DP and I went to a coffee drive thru today. We got to the order point and we can hear a lot of giggling and silliness, we initially thought they were laughing at the order. No drama, we drive on to the window.

We pull up to the window and witness a very loud, flirtatious exchange between the male at the window and the female right over the other end of the counter;

Female: you fuck off giggle, giggle
Male: No, you fuck off giggle, giggle

I'm not a prude, my DD is in the car, innocently waiting for her flamingo frappe the round of fucks was not warranted. I told the young lad this, he did look sheepish and walked off to laugh with the girl.

My AIBU is my DP says don't complain, they're young. I've already told them off, give them a break. They're just flirting.

I'm not itching to complain. I'm 50/50, but the part of me that wants to complain is the mother in me. Also, there was no apology. From either of them, I would have been more than happy with a 'sorry'.

Yabu = don't complain, give the kids a break.

Yanbu = you should complain.

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jmh740 Wed 10-Jun-20 02:17:44

I would complain

BoomBoomsCousin Wed 10-Jun-20 02:20:00

Since you told them off and they looked sheepish I probably wouldn't bother complaining unless it happened again. But it is very poor customer services on their part and I don't think a complaint is unreasonable.

Euclid Wed 10-Jun-20 02:22:38

It is sad how this kind of language is almost becoming acceptable among certain younger people. Yes, do complain. They might think twice the next time. In the current climate they are lucky to have jobs and may realise that they are lucky and that they should behave in an acceptable way.

tillytown Wed 10-Jun-20 02:26:02

Don't call working adults kids, its insulting and ageist.

StormzyInaDCup Wed 10-Jun-20 02:26:45

Thanks for the replies. Funny the votes don't match the comments.

@euclid you hit the nail on the head. That is what bothers me, that it's normalised. My worry is that they would lose their jobs.

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StormzyInaDCup Wed 10-Jun-20 02:28:12

@tillytown apologies of I offended. They looked the same age as my oldest 'kid', who also works and will always be my kid.

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ZombieFan Wed 10-Jun-20 02:29:33

Seriously it was 2 young kids flirting. Have you nothing better to do with your time?

Sobeyondthehills Wed 10-Jun-20 02:29:46

I would complain as well and I use to work in retail and this was not acceptable, they will probably not lose their jobs (its been a while since I was working in retail so this may not be true anymore) but they will probably get a telling off, maybe a verbal warning

Josette77 Wed 10-Jun-20 02:34:51

Oh my gosh I'm a puritan at heart and would not complain. They are young and looked guilty. Leave them be.

ARoseInHarlem Wed 10-Jun-20 02:36:40

I would have said that I, the customer, could hear what was being said and profanities (just using the word would probably have caused more sniggers) at the service counter isn’t acceptable.

I would mostly have been doing this to signal to my child my thoughts on the matter. Kids these days learn this sort of language much younger than my generation, I’m sure in a year or two my own child will be using this language out of my earshot. But I want her to know there’s a time and a place, and at work, or in front of me, isn’t it.

As for the employees - meh. Their bosses or parents can deal with them.

StormzyInaDCup Wed 10-Jun-20 02:36:49

@ZombieFan Honestly, no. I just spend my time going to different drive thrus trying to see how many new words my DD can learn today 🤷🏻‍♀️

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ARoseInHarlem Wed 10-Jun-20 02:37:08


MrMeSeeks Wed 10-Jun-20 02:38:50

Seriously? no. Everything that’s going on iN the world these do probably under stress seem happy at work, have not realised customers can hear them.
No i wouldn’t Complain It really isn’t a big deal

ARoseInHarlem Wed 10-Jun-20 02:39:44

How bizarre. I just wrote a totally anodyne post about how is signal to my child that profanities at work are not ok. Got a “hidden until MNHQ look at it post”. Weird confused

MrMeSeeks Wed 10-Jun-20 02:41:13

I would not want to give them more stress or risk them lose their jobs.
I’ve worked hospitality and retail so yes I know this is unacceptable, but with the world at the moment i think i can cut people a break

StormzyInaDCup Wed 10-Jun-20 02:45:04

That's really weird @ARoseInHarlem.

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StormzyInaDCup Wed 10-Jun-20 02:46:57

I get it. It's not on but you're right. It's not normal circumstances and I'd just hate to get them in serious trouble. Oh to be young and in lust!

Thanks for taking the time all 👍

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longtimecomin Wed 10-Jun-20 02:52:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MrMeSeeks Wed 10-Jun-20 03:09:06

Message deleted by MNHQ as it repeats deleted message. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MrMeSeeks Wed 10-Jun-20 03:12:45

Agree op, everyone does seem to be finding things hard/strange.

DamnYankee Wed 10-Jun-20 03:20:49

Can't vote, because by best self would slide my sunglasses off my nose and give them my best teacher-laser-beam-eyes.
However, when I've been in the same situation, I've just said, "Ok, friends. Simmer down now."
Very uncool, and also very teacher-ish and they blush and stop...

Moonshinemisses Wed 10-Jun-20 03:33:55

They probably assumed they couldn't be heard, now you've mentioned it to them , so they know. It would have been nice if he had said sorry for any offence but I'd just leave it there.

Topseyt Wed 10-Jun-20 03:36:26

If you'd just hate to get them into serious trouble then of course you don't complain.

Not sure how old your DD is, but you say she is of an age to be working. So what makes you think these are new words to her? That is unlikely. They are learned in the school playground.

It was unprofessional of them to use that language and behave as they did while serving customers, but you already made your point there. Complaining would make you look like an utter prude.

peachesandclean Wed 10-Jun-20 03:36:37

maybe they need each other to keep spirits up whilst they're out at work in a pandemic making fkng flamingo frappes

lighten up seriously, I can never understand why people rush to complain because they saw/heard some people being happy

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