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WIBU in Lidl queue

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GimmeAy Tue 09-Jun-20 21:22:29

So, this happened yesterday and I'm over it as they say, but at the same time it has just crossed my mind again today as the whole shebang caused me much annoyance at the time as I dislike conflict.

For the purposes of a fair hearing, I'm not going to say which party I belong to just yet.

Basically it all went down in a queue for Lidl.

So Man called Bob joins the end of the queue.

Woman called Mary joins the end of the queue behind Bob.

1 minute later Sue and Karen join Bob at his place in the queue in front of Mary.

Mary states that there's a queue and that they should go behind her.

Sue and Karen state that they are with Bob and they're family and that they're not jumping the queue.

Mary won't let it go and states that regardless of who they are they should join the end of the queue behind her.

Heated argument ensued with both sides exchanging 'pleasantries'.

Was Mary wrong or were Sue and Karen? Bob kept out of it.

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SkelingtonArgument Tue 09-Jun-20 21:24:21

I’m with Bob

MoreMoneyPlease Tue 09-Jun-20 21:26:11

Did Sue and Karen both have their own trollies/baskets?

GimmeAy Tue 09-Jun-20 21:26:23

Hahahahahaha - I wish I was more like Bob.

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LemmysAceCard Tue 09-Jun-20 21:26:26

It depends, did Sue and Karen add more shopping or just stand with Bob? If yes how much shopping?

Sparklesocks Tue 09-Jun-20 21:26:46

You’re only meant to have one person per household shopping at the moment anyway (where possible, obviously not including parents/carers etc) so they shouldn’t all be out shopping together anyway.

GimmeAy Tue 09-Jun-20 21:27:06

Sue, Karen and Bob all had their own baskets and Mary had her own basket.

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Howyiz Tue 09-Jun-20 21:28:32

Then Mary is right.

minemineminemine Tue 09-Jun-20 21:28:51

If they each added their own baskets I'm with Mary!

Although I'd never have enough back bone to say it. I'd probably just get all passive aggressive and tut instead hmm

Truthpact Tue 09-Jun-20 21:29:01

If they added shopping, sue and Karen were wrong.

If they just joined, Mary was wrong.

Shouldn't have had a family outing though to lidl.

SomeHalfHumanCreatureThing Tue 09-Jun-20 21:29:10

Own baskets means they should have joined the back of the queue

GimmeAy Tue 09-Jun-20 21:29:23

For clarity, this was the queue to get into Lidl, not the queue for the tills.

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FOJN Tue 09-Jun-20 21:29:52

Hi Mary, Sue, Karen and Bob are CF's if they were all doing their own shopping. grin

WowLucky Tue 09-Jun-20 21:30:03

Mary was right but I wouldn't have caused a scene over it. Probably makes me a pushover but also means I'm not worrying about it 24 hours later.

FOJN Tue 09-Jun-20 21:30:31

I so wish you'd called Karen, Rita.

FabulouslyFab Tue 09-Jun-20 21:31:28

They should have gone to the back of the queue!! Mary was right!

MadameButterface Tue 09-Jun-20 21:32:06

you're obviously Mary op, but you wnbu. personally I haven't been in our lidl since all this kicked off, people in there seem to not know how to behave at all, it's like dodging snipers. shame cos I used to love a bit of lidl.

GimmeAy Tue 09-Jun-20 21:32:29

Ok, since it's going my way - I was Mary. Karen actually had TWO BASKETS, and Bob and sue had one basket each. I kept bumping into Bob Sue and Karen all the way around Lidl too.
I knew I was right.
I told my Dad yesterday as I was just home and still annoyed and he was like 'ah that wouldn't bother me'. Maybe I'm just a particularly volatile creature, but the cheek of them and Sue called ME rude!

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Alabamawhirly1 Tue 09-Jun-20 21:32:36

If my husband joins a que while I get the bags out the car - I expect to join the que with him. It's not pushing in if you're together.

Spacepocket Tue 09-Jun-20 21:33:05

Mary was morally right but I’m with Bob grin

Elouera Tue 09-Jun-20 21:33:11

Why do 3 adults all need to shop together??? I've seen couples in queues where the security have still only allowed 1 at a time. In current circumstances, they shouldn't all be shopping together.

If they really were in 1 household, they could have joined each other in the supermarket soon after entry anyways, IF they needed to pay in 1 go.

MrMagooInTheLoo Tue 09-Jun-20 21:33:56

What I want to know is where was Rita. She wasn't with Sue and Bob? Is it now KAREN, Sue and Bob too and not Rita, Sue and Bob too.. Poor Rita

TheGirlWithAPrince Tue 09-Jun-20 21:34:46

Im with bobs family. They are going in as one whole group other wise the whole thing would just take longer.

I have done this with my mum. I waited in que and she went to grab a trolley and joined me in the que

Spacepocket Tue 09-Jun-20 21:34:47

Alabama but why do both of you have to go shopping?

I’m Mary now. Bob can fuck off the wet lettuce!

Cadent Tue 09-Jun-20 21:36:46

I was going to say YANBU because your OP made it sound like you were in the queue for a till.

But it was the queue to get in and they only joined Bob a minute later, so I would have let it slide.

You should have let it go, Mary.

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