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Expensive flight, can’t use voucher - WWYD?

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Notthetoothfairy Tue 09-Jun-20 20:06:14

I had internal flights booked within Canada which were cancelled due to Covid 19 and Porter Airlines won’t give me a refund. I’m still planning to go at a later date but to a different region so can only part use the voucher they have offered. If I do, this would basically mean spending £850 on a one hour, one way flight and wasting the rest!

YABU - just part use the voucher, stop whining and forget about the wasted money.

YANBU - keep raising credit card disputes (which have failed before) to try to get the money back.

If anyone can think of another option e.g. a good place to stop off between Montreal and Toronto that Porter fly to (and which wouldn’t be a hassle to get to/from the airport for a few hours), that could be option number 3.

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