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Three things you love about yourself...

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Wolfgirrl Tue 09-Jun-20 19:25:00

In light of the skinny vs fat threads, and all the doom and gloom going on in the world, I would like you to put three things you love about yourself!

Don't be modest, it could be a physical attribute, a talent you have, or the fact you make an amazing mushroom risotto. Anything really.

I'll go first:

1. I have really full, perfect rosebud lips and straight white teeth. I love my smile in red lipstick!
2. I've been told I'm very eloquent - I can say in 3 words what everyone else says in 100
3. I throw a really good dinner party. When I actually make some effort it turns out I can cook. Top dish is a beef and red wine stew with wholegrain mash.

Hoping I get some replies or I will feel incredibly big headed 😂

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BurnIt Tue 09-Jun-20 19:28:54

Great thread

My hair - its curly, I didnt realise until a couple of years ago!
I'm very handy - I truly believe I CAN do anything!
I've got great teeth....

BurnIt Tue 09-Jun-20 19:29:52

I need you as a friend! Lol love a good dinner party!

maddy68 Tue 09-Jun-20 19:30:20

I look much younger
I have really lovely hair
I have a great laugh 😁

Nonotthisagain Tue 09-Jun-20 19:30:43

Very good at spelling
Very good at karate
Awesome boobs.

JRUIN Tue 09-Jun-20 19:33:11

I have a good sense of humour.
A have great legs.
I am very loyal.

SorryImNotCreative Tue 09-Jun-20 19:34:19

1. I have naturally curly hair that I haven’t used heat on in about 6 years. It’s paid off and I love my hair now!

2. I quite like my ankles and wrists - weird I know, but I do!

3. I’m also eloquent like you, OP. I remember by science teacher describing me as “very eloquent” years ago and it’s always stuck with me.

Friedeggsontoast Tue 09-Jun-20 19:34:17

Aw this is a nice thread

I can talk to almost anyone,anytime unless I fancy them 🙄

I am naturally empathetic and people open up to me very easily and I like to think I make their day a little better.

I like my eyes.

Friedeggsontoast Tue 09-Jun-20 19:35:52

@SorryImNotCreative I'm always jealous of beautiful curly hair!

Echobelly Tue 09-Jun-20 19:37:05

I've got a really good singing voice

I'm good with money

I make an effort to keep in touch with friends

Iamclearlyamug Tue 09-Jun-20 19:37:11

I’m really good at baking, I don’t even need a recipe I do it on instinct
I’m a very loyal friend although I can count my true friends on one hand
I’ve got really good skin if that counts as a third one?

BlackBucketOfCheese Tue 09-Jun-20 19:39:12

Thanks for this OP. I’m in therapy at the moment as I have spent my entire life hating everything about myself and this is one of those questions I would never have answered previously but here goes.

- I’m very funny, I make all of the people in my life almost all of the time.

- I have beautiful eyes.

- I’m very good at my job. I care deeply about being the best I can for everyone involved and I’m excited for every shift.

IAmReportingYouForBBQing Tue 09-Jun-20 19:40:08

Ooooh good thread.

1- I am mega resilient. I've been through some horribly tough times but always dust myself off and bounce back.

2- my natural hair colour. As a kid it was a beautiful reddy blonde that has darkened with age to a deep Amber. My dad has the same hair and once he hit 55 it just started to fade but he is nowhere near grey, his hair is a gorgeous peach colour now. Hoping mine goes the same!

3- My accountability. It took me a long time to learn to take responsibility for my actions and it's given me great peace to be able to say " I fucked up, I'm sorry".

I could actually list more than 3 when there was a as time in my life I couldn't even find 1. That's progress and with progress I've found a deep happiness that just fills me up. My life is far from perfect, I'm very ill at times with auto immune issues, my son has quiet bad ASD, I'm no contact with my mother and am as survivor of sons horrible childhood stuff BUT I'm here, I'm happy and I love my life. What more do you need?

Allyg1185 Tue 09-Jun-20 19:41:21

I have good skin. Soft and blemish free.

I'm very organised and like to keep on top of things.

I make a great cup of tea smile

zscaler Tue 09-Jun-20 19:42:51

I have great lips
I’m a good writer
I’m very crafty and can turn my hand reasonably well to most artistic endeavours

Nice thread OP!

Doggyperson Tue 09-Jun-20 19:45:29

I'm good at baking.
I'm kind. I'm always ready to help anyone if they're struggling in any way, stranger or friend.
I'm determined and don't give up easily.

formerbabe Tue 09-Jun-20 19:48:11

I'm a good cook
I can take the piss out of myself
My face isn't too bad once I've got my make up on!!

Thighdentitycrisis Tue 09-Jun-20 19:48:23

I have created a beautiful garden
I am conscientious
I am quite clever

JoysOfString Tue 09-Jun-20 19:53:21

Love my small but nice boobs
I'm creative in all kinds of ways and I love that
I'm super-practical and can fix/problem-solve most things.

ahhaohho Tue 09-Jun-20 19:55:12

I'm great at sensory play set ups.

I'm funny

I'm a bloody great mum

parrotonthesofa Tue 09-Jun-20 19:58:25

I make people laugh.
I'm a good mum.
I consider other people's feelings a lot.

Turnedouttoes Tue 09-Jun-20 20:03:05

Gosh this has made me realise I need to improve my self love, it’s hard to think of anything right now.

1. I always get complimented on how nice my teeth are
2. Organisation is my passion. If you want a party planned or holiday organised I’m your girl
3. I’m pretty resilient and get through all the knock backs life has thrown at me but then I guess anyone could say that

Wolfgirrl Tue 09-Jun-20 20:39:51

Oooh I am loving these posts!

My favourite has to be making a good cuppa - very underrated talent IMO. You should see the weak piss that passes for tea at my in law's house.

Being good with money is something I need to master 😬 I'm almost a magician with how I can make money disappear and have nothing to show for it confused

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MrsZola Tue 09-Jun-20 20:44:28

I make people laugh ( on purpose grin )
I love my eyes - long, dark lashes
I genuinely look much younger than 57

Raella50 Tue 09-Jun-20 20:46:58

What a nice thread!

1. I am positive, calm and proactive when faced with a problem
2. I’m very determined and have good self-discipline
3. I have a thoughtful, kind and patient parent

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