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To be horrified and heart broken by the Frankie Macritchie case

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frillyflamingo Tue 09-Jun-20 16:42:09

Frankie Macritchie dog attack death: Mum Tawnee Willis jailed

I think the mother will be haunted by her actions for the rest of her life but Jesus fucking Christ, I can't believe anyone would think it was a good idea to leave a child alone with any dog, let alone a 7stone bull breed.

I love my dogs and I trust them with my life but there isn't a chance in hell I would leave them with my children for just a minute.

I'm sharing because it's easy to get complacent, especially when you have good natured dogs like mine.

I feel sad for everyone in this sad story but just desperately sad for what that little boy must have gone through that evening, alone.

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BeeB29 Tue 09-Jun-20 16:52:25

It’s awful. I live not too far from where it happened. It shook me to the core. I read about the mother and the friend being prisoned earlier - doesn’t seem long enough. I’m sure they are feeling guilty but the boy would still be alive if they weren’t so stupid.

I remember reading a Facebook post made by the boys dad after the poor lad died. It was heart breaking. His dad wasn’t there.

Leaving a child alone in a caravan is one thing but with a dog? Poor lad. Not worth thinking about how scared he must of been!

ShadowMane Tue 09-Jun-20 16:52:56

fucking hell, he must have been terrified - i'm struggling to sympathise with the mother, A mother who drank wine and took cocaine as her nine-year-old son was mauled to death by an "extremely powerful" dog has been jailed.

thebear1 Tue 09-Jun-20 16:57:53

I wanted to feel compassion for the mother as no one set out for this to happen but having read the link I can't. Poor boy. I hope he rests in peace.

bronzedgodesswannabe Tue 09-Jun-20 17:01:57

I actually can't find the words

frillyflamingo Tue 09-Jun-20 17:03:19

I suppose I think regardless of the prison sentence, she is punished enough knowing that her actions 100% led to the death of her son? That is a life sentence- how could you enjoy life again knowing that. I think her behaviour was fucking indefensible though, absolutely.

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Chiyo666 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:08:42

I remember this, so awful. Woman’s a scumbag.

Trevsadick Tue 09-Jun-20 17:08:55

I dont think she is punished enough.

She left her child in a dangerous situation so she could snort coke.

Then her reaction to finding him was to take the dog and flee the scene?

Does anyone really think that chold had a great life leading up to that? That she was a great parent, up until that night when she decided to leave her son in a small enclosed space, with a massive dangerous dog that had a attacked another child, while she snorted coke?

That poor child lost his life because his mum was more interested in everything else, but him.

How can she enjoy life? I suppose didnt actually care that much about him.

How could you enjoy a night snorting coke? Or leaving your son with that dog. Or deciding to leave your sons body on the floor, grab the dog and run?

You are putting a decent parents emotion into this

Chiyo666 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:10:11

She didn’t flee, the owner of the dog flee’d.

Trevsadick Tue 09-Jun-20 17:10:21

Sorry I misread the friend fled.

What sort of friend is that?

I stand by everything else though.

Marnie76 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:11:56

The court heard Totterdell fled "in shock" and took Winston across the fields before catching a train with him to Plymouth where she was later arrested.
Winston was later seized by police and destroyed.

I can’t believe her first instinct was to try to protect the dog!! Hard to feel sympathetic having read that.

Marnie76 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:12:39

Oh sorry I also misread. Strange behaviour from the friend though.

HopeClearwater Tue 09-Jun-20 17:15:25

The poor dad and family. Awful.

Snowdown24 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:20:48

The dog was owned by the friend, who took the dog once it killed the boy and fled with it....that’s how I read it that correct?

Snowdown24 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:24:59

What I don’t get is wouldn’t he be screaming for his life? How did no one hear?

BlooperReel Tue 09-Jun-20 17:26:00

I cannot summon sympathy for her, she prioritised drink and drugs over her sons wellbeing and safety, what an abhorrent excuse for a parent.

That poor boy suffering nd dying in that manner....there are no words.

tabulahrasa Tue 09-Jun-20 17:27:20


The dog was owned by the friend, who took the dog once it killed the boy and fled with it....that’s how I read it that correct?

Yep... and it had attacked a boy previously as well...

caramac04 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:28:31

I would not have left a 9 year old child alone whilst I cleared off partying. Not acceptable behaviour. Being left alone with a powerful dog with history is unforgivable,
That poor child is dead and lost his life in horrific circumstances, alone and terrified.
The women responsible deserve to have this haunt them every second of the rest of their lives.

Turbotastic Tue 09-Jun-20 17:28:33

I live near where this happened and have been haunted by it from the time I first heard about it. I know the mother must be beside herself with grief but I just cannot get over the fear and pain that poor boy must have felt. I actually can't think about it too much.

I know she must punish herself every day for what happened but still. He looks a lot like my own DS so I find it even more heartbreaking.

lynsey91 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:34:37

Disgusting mother and human being. She deserves a longer sentence

Crystaltree Tue 09-Jun-20 17:38:55

Won't have an easy ride in prison.

Redleathertrousers Tue 09-Jun-20 17:41:08

Horrific. How terrified that poor boy must have been. Agree with poster above who says it makes you wonder what kind of life he had before this with her as a mother. Vile and irresponsible.

TheVanguardSix Tue 09-Jun-20 17:41:33

I can't even handle it. I can't even click the link. I remember this too well. Such a smiley, lovely looking boy who deserved so much more love and care in his life. His mother prioritised all of the wrong things. Just the thought of how is life came to its cruel conclusion is too traumatic to even think about. It hurts, seeing those photos of him with his poor dad. The mother will never unsee the horrific results of the error of her ways. She built her own prison.

TheVanguardSix Tue 09-Jun-20 17:42:04

how his life came to its cruel conclusion.

Kljnmw3459 Tue 09-Jun-20 17:43:14

Such a terribly sad and tragic incident. I don't fully trust any dog, even though I had one when I was growing up.

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