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Voluntary redundancies have started

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Feellikedancingyeah Tue 09-Jun-20 14:40:21

That's all. Just feeling sad as I knew this would come. Got an e mail about voluntary redundancies. Then compulsory will follow after.

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NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Tue 09-Jun-20 14:40:52

Yep, me too.

AnnaBanana333 Tue 09-Jun-20 14:42:38

Sorry to all going through this. flowers

We had The Email last week and a team meeting yesterday. Decisions haven't been made yet but consultations will start soon. It's a horrible time and I hope everybody here gets the outcome they want.

Nixen Tue 09-Jun-20 14:44:04

Me too. Had mine confirmed last week. Not sure how I feel about it all to be honest! Luckily enough to be in a position where I don’t have to work but I do want to. Feels strange even thinking about how long it’ll be before I even meet my colleagues if I do get a new job!!

Buddyelf Tue 09-Jun-20 14:44:06

Same here although some where mentioned prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. They’re offering voluntary with added bonuses if you do it now. Wondering how long before they are compulsory. I hope I can keep my job the hours and wage are just ideal for me.

GinDaddyRedux Tue 09-Jun-20 14:46:10

Commiserations to all on the thread who are facing this.

I wonder if any of "the furloughed are feckless" lot realise that they're fortunate to have relative job security if that is indeed what they have - and that those who have been furloughed have often been on a slip road to "job reviews", "voluntary redundancy" etc? Maybe the wave of redundancies to come will silence some of that mob a bit, but I live in hope rather than expectation.

Feellikedancingyeah Tue 09-Jun-20 14:46:55

It's my husband's work place. I am a SAHM with a child with behaviour difficulties

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Sarah75Lou Thu 11-Jun-20 16:50:31

Yep, our work has started. Hubbie took voluntary redundancy (all sorted before this) and left on 1st May. Still yet to find a job other than agency work. Has worked two shifts in the last three weeks :-(

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