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Aibu to think one of you brilliant lot might save my carpet?

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BlessYourCottonSocks Tue 09-Jun-20 00:16:58

Posting for traffic, but we are redecorating eldest DD room as I think her relationship and mental health is probably on the floor. Lots of past issues. She doesn't live at home so to (partly) cheer myself up decided to freshen it all up, paint, tidy and make welcoming. Best case scenario it with be guest/craft room. Worst case - she's back with her parents again.

Sorry..rambling..anyway, the carpet was new 5 years ago.Neutral beige\cream but she dropped eye shadow make up and what looks like nail varnish on it. Any chance this will come out and I can get carpet to look like new? There is little wear and I'd fork out £40 or whatever for a professional deep clean if it works. I just want to spend money (v tight budget) if it looks just the same and just as grubby and you lot tell me _^nah it's fucked^
Stain devils? Nail varnish remover? Am I straw clutching? Really can't afford a new bedroom carpet but any advice welcome😀

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Windyatthebeach Tue 09-Jun-20 00:19:02

Shave the varnish off with a disposable razor..

PolPotNoodle Tue 09-Jun-20 00:21:42 - this got old red wine stain in a cream carpet almost completely out so might be worth a try on the eyeshadow.

Elieza Tue 09-Jun-20 00:25:28

Yeah I’ve cut out nail varnish stained tufts of carpet before!

There is some kind of punch thing that carpet repairers for insurance companies use to punch out a small circle of carpet that’s damaged and then do the same under a bed or somewhere it’s perfect (a spare bit of carpet cutoff would be perfect) and swap the two and glue them into their new locations. I don’t know if you can buy such a thing. Worth a google!?
I don’t know if carpet cleaners will come out to houses yet but when they do it would be worth phoning them to see if they can do anything for the makeup.

BlessYourCottonSocks Tue 09-Jun-20 00:34:38

Shave it? Genius - or insane, you fool! But many thanks I'm prepared to give it a go. Never heard of it. @PolPotNoodle I've ordered that immediately, so let's batter it with all sorts.

@Elieza I've got a hot glue gun. Could frankly see me making an utterly shit job of that but I'll bear in mind. Most grateful for all suggestion...

I really don't have money for a new one.

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Neveranynamesleft Tue 09-Jun-20 00:37:16

WD40 works a treat. Soak it then leave for a while, mop up with clean dry cloth, soak with warm water with washing up liquid in. Mop up...repeat as often as necessary. Something like that ! I found that on Google, have a look for exact method.

pumpkinbump Tue 09-Jun-20 00:37:43

Try make up remover on the eye shadow?

BlessYourCottonSocks Tue 09-Jun-20 00:43:42

Brilliant idea 💡. Keep it up. Makeup remover feels like it might be greasy...or is that just mine?grin

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Pinkbunny2811 Tue 09-Jun-20 00:43:59

This stuff is bloody brilliant. My new kitten had an accident on my new cream carpet confused. I did have to put it on a few times and just left it there and walked away. Probably 6/7 sprays over a couple of days and it just disappeared. I didn't follow the instructions like it says to scrub it and vacuum etc, it worked anyway!

Neveranynamesleft Tue 09-Jun-20 00:49:32

Be careful not to spread the nail varnish/ make up into a bigger patch when cleaning !

BlessYourCottonSocks Tue 09-Jun-20 00:53:35

grin. I do have visions of chasing pink smudges across a rapidly expanding patch of carpet, I confess..

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SwearyMaclairy Tue 09-Jun-20 00:55:20

Hairspray! My DD got red nail polish all over my carpet a couple of weeks ago. Liberal spraying of hairspray then scrubbing with a wet cloth (and repeat a few times) got it out.

BlessYourCottonSocks Tue 09-Jun-20 21:28:43

I am still listening! Thank you all - I'm not sure if we've any hairspray in the house, tbh. Probably not, but I might have a hunt.

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LynnThese4reSEXPEOPLE Thu 11-Jun-20 21:05:54

Micellar water not greasy eye shadow remover. Dr Beckman's will also do the trick.

Cheeringmeup Thu 11-Jun-20 21:15:39

Dr Beckman's carpet cleaner is great - even got Irn Bru stains out of my pale cream carpet. I got it in Amazon.

BlessYourCottonSocks Thu 11-Jun-20 21:17:08

I'm going to try all these out til something works!

DH is currently stripping wallpaper off the ceiling and making a hell of a mess so I'm not touching the carpet yet! But I've got great ideas for the future - I'll let you all know what works. Thanks to everyone.

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DukeOfEarlGrey Thu 11-Jun-20 21:18:42

I have spilled nail varnish and shoe polish on two different cream-coloured carpets - both times it was the whole bottle (FFS) and the only solution was a rug to cover it... worked a treat, added interest to the rooms!

BlessYourCottonSocks Thu 11-Jun-20 21:20:46

I have a rug! Although I think the nail varnish is in different places..some where she dropped in while painting nails on the bed - some across the other side of the room in front of the mirror...

Bloody teenage girls!

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Rosegoldglass Thu 11-Jun-20 21:22:52

I’ve repaired a carpet once by cutting an small area of stain off. Then finding an area of carpet that you won’t see and chop tiny bits from a large area and super glue to area I’ve removed stain from grin

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