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Terrified of Mice Infestation

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MadameBee Mon 08-Jun-20 22:47:26

I have very elderly next door neighbours.

They have no children, and their house is incredibly run down because he is a hoarder and a tight bastard who has always refused to spend any money on the house (they live in two top bedrooms in a 4 bed house as two of the bedrooms and the two downstairs lounges are full of gos hoarding.

I have been doing their shopping in lockdown, pop round every few days, ring most days and am the lifeline necklace thing contact.

She is really lovely, has very few friends, no family, has never been abroad and was an illegitimate child born in the 1930s (I understand this as my dad is the same).

Her husband (I think has really been incredibly abusive towards her) is now blind and she cares for him (they are fine for money but he has never allowed her access to the money) but him being blind has made him dependent on her - which is better for her really as she is slowly getting rid of all the hoarding stuff - we offered to get a skip but she is really independent and we are mindful of this and don’t take over.

She has a mouse infestation and my cats keep bringing them into my house. I was stood in her garden the other day and U could see a few tiny ones and she wax like “oh my goodness I have never seen a mouse here before”.

WTF do I do without taking over and making her feel like shit? The HCA put a note through my door the other week with her mobile but the number is incorrect - I have asked neighbour to ask her to put note through again but I think she hasn’t asked her as she doesn’t like to “put upon” me.

I have mentioned looking at sheltered accommodation but while he’s alive there is no chance 😭😭

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MadameBee Mon 08-Jun-20 22:49:09

And yes I am terrified of my cats bringing them in here and the infestation spreading 😭😭 I hate mice

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MadameBee Mon 08-Jun-20 22:57:22

Anyone? Or shall I just set loads of traps around her house? 🤣🤣

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changedmynameforlockdown Mon 08-Jun-20 23:49:04

You are right to take action. I hate mice too smdand they rapidly become a problem. Buy poison in black boxes, like this

As then it is out of reach of your cats as with traps she has to empty the traps (although they are cheap so could just be thrown out mouse and all). Don't know if there is a risk your cat might eat a poisoned mouse though.

Treat your house as well as hers, if you can lay any inside, certainly all along your boundary.

I think people have very differing views to mice, I don't like them but lots of people don't seem bothered or think it's normal to have them in sheds, cellars etc..

MadameBee Mon 08-Jun-20 23:56:06

Really 🤢🤢

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