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To be worried about staff crossing bubbles

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HelpIcantfindaname Mon 08-Jun-20 18:15:46

I'm due back in school with Year 1 soon. Children will be in every day. My class will be split in half with another teacher taking the other half of my class. I have heard we will be sharing a TA, which means the TA will be crossing bubbles. Are any other teachers on here doing this, or parents do your children have staff crossing bubbles?
I thought no-one was meant to cross bubbles.

I did post in staffroom, but no reply, so posting here for traffic.

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bestthingsinceslicedbread Mon 08-Jun-20 18:21:19

Your school must provide you with their risk assessment and explain how they will manage the return to school and bubbles. If you have issues you should raise it with your slt. But it is concerning that you've only 'heard' that you will be sharing a TA, this close to reopening. I'm surprised they haven't communicated their plans with staff. I'd also say that they should not be sharing TAs.
As a teacher you should be in a union. I'd consult your rep.

HelpIcantfindaname Mon 08-Jun-20 18:59:01

Yr 1 team have a meeting tomorrow ahead of starting back next week . Yr 6 went back today. A TA mentioned being shared between bubbles. That wasn't on the risk assessment. Unless I misread it, just about to reread it.

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