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Did I have Covid 19?

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planetcloud Mon 08-Jun-20 12:15:40

Here were my symptoms:- Not a continuous cough but constant clearing of the throat, splitting sore head that lasted about 10 weeks, metalic taste in the mouth, extreme third - just couldn't drink enough (non diabetic), breathlessness even when lying down and talking, pain a the lung area in the back and pain at the ribs, which were sore to touch - chest generally feeling tight. Don't know if I had a temperature but was roasting especially at night and had to wear a vest top to bed. All symptoms lasted 10 to 12 weeks, although after 2 weeks I felt better then went down hill again. No test at time but did one of the home anti-body tests which was negative. Symptoms were straight after lockdown. Phoned 111 and they seemed to think I had the sumptoms but who knows? What do you all think - we all had symptoms in the house but I was the worst. Definitely exposed to virus through co-workers, a couple of their parents actually died with the virus.

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Hingeandbracket Mon 08-Jun-20 12:16:46

Yes you 100% definitely had it - if anyone asks you can tell them I told you so. HTH

GinDaddyRedux Mon 08-Jun-20 12:17:46

Would you be amenable to going on the Gov website and taking the COVID-19 test?

It's the only way you'll find out. Asking people on here will just get a myriad of opinions and another coronavirus topic.

You need to consider taking a test if you really want to understand what's happened.

What do you think?

planetcloud Mon 08-Jun-20 12:19:38

GinDaddyRedux do you mean an actual test - would that not be negative now?

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Standupthisisnotateaparty Mon 08-Jun-20 12:20:17

Nobody can tell you this. Get a test.

GinDaddyRedux Mon 08-Jun-20 12:24:04


You're quite correct in that we are Not yet at the antibody tests -

I misread it as you still had this. Apologies!

I probably still would get tested for peace of mind to be honest.

AJPTaylor Mon 08-Jun-20 12:34:24

This thread is up there with " am I pregnant?"

Duckfinger Mon 08-Jun-20 12:34:57

It's hard if you haven't had a test. Personally I have read the threads on here from the people who have had it for weeks. I have had most of those symptoms for most of the last three months. BUT I have had most of those symptoms off and on for years caused by my fibromyalgia and the post viral things I get even after a cold due to my fibromyalgia.
So I could have had it if I went on symptoms alone, I doubt it very much though because I haven't been in close contact with anyone who has had it and my baseline health is feeling like absolute crap.

cheermeupifyoucan Mon 08-Jun-20 12:44:16

Honestly, no one on here knows.

Sparklesocks Mon 08-Jun-20 12:46:41

It sounds like it, but nobody on here can tell you for sure. Your guess is as good as anyone else’s. All you can do really is wait until the antibody test becomes more readily available.

Scrumbleton Mon 08-Jun-20 12:57:31

You can pay for the antibody test - I had mine done Vivo lab - they use the govt approved Abbott test. I had v similar symptoms - test came back positive - other members of the household are doing it this week to establish if they are positive but were asymptomatic. Immunity status is obvs uncertain and I’m still being ultra careful ( unlike my neighbours) but I’m making an assumption that I’ve immunity for at least a year which is reassuring

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