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To ask why you are still awake?

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DipseeDaisey Mon 08-Jun-20 01:15:55

Me.....Because my brain won't switch off and has started to overthink every single thing I have ever done and said since the day I was born sad

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VodselForDinner Mon 08-Jun-20 01:16:27

Anxiety here too.

Twiggywinkle13 Mon 08-Jun-20 01:17:02

Ahhhh my sleep pattern seems to be all to pot. I don’t sleep well anyway but since lockdown I’ve been even worse, no idea why.

NewtonPulsifer Mon 08-Jun-20 01:17:42

Anxiety mainly but decided to try to do something useful so grabbed an online grocery delivery for tomorrow.

DipseeDaisey Mon 08-Jun-20 01:18:24

It's horrible isn't it, not sleeping.
If anyone has any tips, please share

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CrowdedHouseinQuarantine Mon 08-Jun-20 01:19:06

can't sleep,
also anxious re my family

CrowdedHouseinQuarantine Mon 08-Jun-20 01:19:33

is it a full moon?

Geppili Mon 08-Jun-20 01:20:25

Up because my DC are down!

AllesAusLiebe Mon 08-Jun-20 01:21:09

Insane period pain which I should really see a doctor about but I have too much angst about corona, so I’m suffering in silence for now!

Titsywoo Mon 08-Jun-20 01:21:10

Because my dog has dementia and won't shut the hell up

TheUnquestionedAnswer Mon 08-Jun-20 01:22:19

I had a kip this afternoon. Gah

SoggySocksAgain Mon 08-Jun-20 01:22:36

Because I finally got an hours peace to myself and enjoyed watching the A word

rabbitheadlights Mon 08-Jun-20 01:23:09

Anxiety here too, so many thoughts and questions, what if's and shoulda, coulda woulda's

isittheholidaysyet Mon 08-Jun-20 01:23:17

Because I'm on lockdown sleeping hours. I'll settle about 2am wake about 10.30am!

It's been years since I have not felt tired throughout the day. I've always said I'm not a morning person. It seems its true. I only need 8 ish hours sleep, but they have to finish after 10am!

MsMeNz Mon 08-Jun-20 01:23:22

I have 6 chicken eggs incubating in my bedroom and they have started to pip (first bit of external hatching) always exciting I know it takes hour and hours but I keep on getting up to take a peek and they have started cheeping now and again.

Porcupineinwaiting Mon 08-Jun-20 01:23:38

Post COVID tachycardia

Porcupineinwaiting Mon 08-Jun-20 01:24:30

MsMeNz what a lovely reason to be awake smile

calamityjam Mon 08-Jun-20 01:24:32

My 17 year old dd woke me up to tell on her 12 year old dB is talking to his mate online. She could've just given him a threat of waking me up, that would've been enough to shut him up

Summer776 Mon 08-Jun-20 01:24:34

Thoughts about work. Work in a school.and.more in this week.

DipseeDaisey Mon 08-Jun-20 01:24:34

@crowdedhouse hope it's nothing serious and whatever it is will be sorted soon 💐

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CrowdedHouseinQuarantine Mon 08-Jun-20 01:24:49

aw, hatching.

eyesbiggerthanstomach Mon 08-Jun-20 01:25:01

Had a nap, anxiety and also really hungry but can't be bothered to go downstairs to eat anything. Craving junk but I only have crappy healthy food in anyway.

AgeLikeWine Mon 08-Jun-20 01:25:14

I’m an owl, and I’m furloughed so this is mid-evening to me. My alarm is set for 8, but I won’t get up until 9-30 at the earliest.

DP went to bed at 9-15, while it was still daylight. He will get up at 5. Silly man.

CrowdedHouseinQuarantine Mon 08-Jun-20 01:25:16

thank you @DipseeDaisey

CazM2012 Mon 08-Jun-20 01:25:18

I can’t switch off, haven't been able to sleep since lockdown began sad

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