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To want to scream when in company?

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introorextro Sun 07-Jun-20 22:07:36

I would say I've always been quite a quiet, shy introvert but I masked it quite a bit in my younger days by using alcohol which did make me more sociable and enjoy peoples company more. Honestly on the 3 days my daughter is at her dads I am so happy and content spending the time alone, it really makes me feel recharged and is what I look forward to each week.

However, I'm now 28 with a daughter so my party nights are few and far between and I'm not keen on having just a few as I find it just makes me sleepy and even more boring.

Anyways on Friday night I picked my friend up from the train station and he stayed for the weekend (not UK), we stayed up till 2 am then the next day we went visiting different friends all day and he stayed again. By the end of the day I was feeling quite frazzled and exhausted. We stayed up till around 12 am last night. Then this morning, I dropped him at another friends house, I then had a few hours just me and my daughter and then him and another friend came over for dinner and they are still here at just past 12 am.

I have a tension headache and feel honestly exhausted and so irritable. I feel I have had no time to myself (which I haven't). I feel I have nothing to add to the conversation. I need them to leave but I hate to come across as rude.

Is this just part of being an introvert or is there something more serious going on? I feel this way after a couple of hours of anyone's company apart from my daughters, then I just want to be alone! Surely it can't be normal?

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Russellbrandshair Sun 07-Jun-20 22:10:33

You are completely normal! Check out the book “quiet” for more details.

I’m an introvert too - I love spending time with friends but I need alone time to recharge every day otherwise I feel anxious, stressed and exhausted. A few hours completely alone and I’m fine and ready to go again.

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